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11 Easy-To-Care Plants for Your Office Space

What comes to your mind when you think of office life? It can be so busy at times that you forget to eat lunch or totally abandon everything the moment the clock strikes 5 pm on a Friday. Even if you work remotely, you might have to experience all of that in a windowless closet or a bright spare bedroom.

Well, whatever may be the case – a plant can make the difference. Particularly if you go for the easiest office plants with low maintenance, it becomes even better. It can be like a potted plant art in your office space that can thrive in low light and liven up your work surroundings. Sticking with easy office plants come up as the best plant for the office lobby as you do not have to stress about its survival along with your workload – it is very important.

Whether you have a great sunny office space or you get stuck in a dark corner, having a soothing indoor plant arrangement will make you feel at peace. Moreover, plenty of office plant benefits are there that you can reap. But what plants should you choose for your office flower pots?

So, here’s a curated list of the top 11 plants falling under the category of the lowest office plant care. You can always get them from the best office plant companies and forget all your worries. So, let’s start.


The first one on our list of indoor office plants is Cacti. And, cacti are the finest choice if you are a plant novice. These plants do not require constant attention and thrive in natural light. Moreover, you only have to water them once a week when it's summer and spring. And in fall and winter, it goes all the way up to every three weeks.


Otherwise known as Devil’s Ivy, this stunning sprawling plant is incredibly easy when it comes to taking care of them. Pothos can tolerate even the darkest cubicles as well the brightest and most windowed offices easily. Even if you forget to water them once in a while, they will still survive. Remember, yellow leaves mean they’re overwatered and droopy when thirsty.

Spider plants

As these plants have the tendency to dry out between the watering sessions, you can always go for a few days. Spider plants also like indirect sunlight. So, if you have a dimly light, windowless or dark office, they’ll flourish. You can go for these spider plants easily.

Peace lily

Well, how can we forget peace lily? These beautiful flowering plants are surprisingly easy to deal with. And they grow very easily too. However, remember – do not overwater them. Make sure that you sprinkle its leaves regularly with water. And while they prefer sunlight, do not keep them in direct sunlight.

Air plants

Standing next in the queue are air plants. And here’s a bit of motivation for you – These spidery guys are self-sufficient. They don’t need soil to survive. What are you required to do with them to maintain them? Just water them by dunking these plants in water for 2 to 3 hours every 10 days. 

ZZ plants

Being able to thrive in moderate to brighter light environments, ZZ plants can hold up fine in low light settings as well. And, what is more – they need little water just like cactus. So, you don’t have to think about watering them round the clock. As ZZ is a hardy plant – If you happen to see the leaves falling off – just give it a good watering to make it bounce right back.


These plants with parts that are fleshy, thickened and engorged are the ones that store water in their thick leaves. They appear to be having waxy leaves making them look dewy at times. And, as they store water – you just have to worry about the weekly watering. Remember, they enjoy dry air and sunlight.

Red Aglaonema

Here is another amazing office plant on our list – Red Aglaonema. This colourful stunner is a talked-about new plant with reddish-pink leaf tips and pink stems. Be assured of some added personality to your desk. Also, you do not have to worry about their care and maintenance. You will get to see its most colours in brighter light but low light also lets it thrive.


Bamboos – they are as amazing as you can think. They grow faster, they look good and they’re the “lucky” plant. Bamboo needs very little light to thrive. This means that it is meant for cube desks. And here is something even better – they give your workspace a much-needed Feng Shui boost.

Snake plants

Securing a place on this list are Snake Plants. Well, the name sounds as interesting as these plants are. As they are vertical plants, they can survive drought and low light levels. Basically, they are designed for the kind of office life where you don’t even find 10 minutes to eat – let alone the task of watering your snake plants.

English Ivy

Here comes that last stunner of the list – English Ivy. Let’s start with when you first start growing these vines. Remember to water them frequently. Once they get established, they’re good to tolerate dry conditions. They do well in low temperatures as well. This is surely a good thing as offices are notorious for being cold or even chilly. So, make your office space soothing with these.

These were the top 11 plants on our list for your office space. Well, you can definitely have any one or all of these plants to suit your interests. Whether you want to make an office garden or just bring in a gist of it in an indoor space – create a cluster of different plants you like. All the plants in the list are low maintenance making your task a quite simple one.