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5 Instagram-Worthy Ways to Decorate Your Office for the Holidays

The season for bringing out the holiday décor is here. And as everyone always says, “do it for the gram”, so here we are. This motivation to have the best office holiday décor projects for your office space and show it off on Instagram make everyone put in their hearts to creating the finest festive décor possible. We are always proud of what we create too, right?

But what we do not need while creating an Instagram-worthy décor is the pressure to decorate it to perfection. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time and effort every time to put together something that is beautiful for your corporate office. For sure your office space should reflect an environment where you are motivated to work. But transforming it into something refreshing and adding some festive vibes to it during holidays is never a bad idea. 

With just a few tasteful additions and your enthusiasm, you’re all set to roll. Now, when you can find tons of decorating options for your office, let’s start spreading the holiday cheer. For that, we have a few of the best decoration ideas for you. And yes, they’re Instagram-worthy. So, let’s start.

Holiday & Seasonal Displays Are Your Best Bet

No holiday décor is complete without adding some holiday and season theme displays. Liven up the space around your always-existing files and folders with a small Christmas tree, star or maybe a snowman. Isn’t it cute?

These are sure to get every inch of your office space into the holiday spirit and, not to forget, you as well. So, here’s your cue to take a cue from this and start looking for those adorable figurines and holiday idols. Well, you can go for Santa Claus or an angel as well, whatever you prefer.

Plants and Flowers Can Never Go Wrong

One of our favorites for holiday decorations – sweet little plants and lovely vibrant flowers. Well, you can never ever go wrong with this. Sure to bring a smile to your face and a refreshing vibe to the cubicles, you can pick succulents or fresh flowers.

And going along those lines, if you want minimum to no plant maintenance, fake plants are the one to go for. And here if you want these little additions to be just for the holidays, plant rental is your go-to option. So, forget about all your plant care worries and go for this choice without any hesitation.

A Little Dash of Wall Art Will Do the Trick

When it comes to commercial Christmas decorations, you can never forget wall art. Even if your office walls have plenty of décors already, nothing can reflect the vibe of holidays other than festive décor. Have stars, cut-outs or shining décor items hanging from the walls. Or maybe you can go for some holiday-related quotes or a dart game. Everyone in the office will surely like to see a bit of holiday around them and get into the spirit of it.

Add a Hint of Wreaths and Garlands

We are talking about holiday designs and décor! How can we miss wreaths and garlands? Did you think we will? Well, of course not. So, here we are. The next on the list of our holiday décor ideas are garlands and wreaths.

Drape it around staircase railings, wrap it around the desks or chairs and whatnot, you have a whole lot of ideas laying open in front of you. Remember, you can never go out of ideas when it comes to holiday designs with garlands and wreaths. If you cannot think of anything, just hang garlands or wreaths on the walls or from the ceilings and your décor is done. It’s not as tricky as you might think!

Add a Lot of Vibrant and Festive Colors

Festivals and holidays are incomplete without a dash of vibrant and festive colors. Think of all those flashy colors that are just perfect for holidays and decorations. Yes, that’s right, we are going that way only. Of all the colors that do not fit perfectly with your day-to-day office décor, bring them into your office on holidays.

Not sure how to incorporate colors in your office décor? Well, don’t worry, we have some ideas for you. Bring in some holiday-theme vases or jars – it’s an easy way to cheer up your workplace. Another thing that you can do is to add a couple of faux flowers 0 if you want it to be low maintenance – or go for real ones if you want that extra gist. But when going for real flowers or even plants, make sure you have enough sunlight access, and you water them timely – keeping them fresh is important.

Get a Little Craft and Creative

What are holidays where you do not indulge yourself in some crafty creativity? Well, we understand that it is your office and you cannot do it all on your own. But you can do a little right. So, what do you think of when we talk about craft and creativity?

Here are some ideas. Print out a few cute drawings, pictures, or illustrations and put them on a dedicated wall or cubicle. You can also ask everyone to make their crafts and hand them on a single “holiday wall of craft”. Maybe you can bring your homemade decoration and hang it in random places for that hint of uniqueness. This is sure to make everyone feel involved and happy.

And, to add more gist of the holidays, you can always go for extravagant, or maybe minimal, outdoor holiday décor. For your commercial spaces, you can also hire holiday decorating services to get amazing work done. No matter what the space of your office is, authentic landscapes and amazing décor can do the trick for you. Be it a retail space, a high-end resort or just a gathering space, every space deserves to be insta-worthy and you can make it happen.