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    5 Instagram-Worthy Ways to Decorate Your Office for the Holidays

    ‘Do it for the gram’ - that’s a common motivation for holiday decorating projects these days, and it creates a sort of unofficial contest to create the most attractive festive displays possible. People go to great lengths to spruce up their space and create an Instagram-worthy design that they can be proud of. The way we see it, every holiday design scheme is Instagram-worthy and it doesn’t have to take a lot of effort to create one. Transforming your stressful, stagnant office space into a fresh and festive scene can be done with just a few tasteful additions. There are tons of decorating options available to different budgets, so what are you waiting for? Start spreading the holiday cheer.

    Chalkboard Sign

    A chalkboard sign should be one of the first things to deck your cubicle. Everybody appreciates handwritten chalkboard greetings that can bring new smiles every day with new messages. You can opt for a simple, classic chalkboard with a season-long message or make it your own, and customize it for your office’s style and sense of humor.


    Adding a few figurines (or a lot of figurines) to your desk will dramatically increase the adorable quotient of your office. A great way to liven up your area between file cabinets and computer monitors, figurines offer an inexpensive way to create a cutesy display. From miniature Christmas trees to snowmen, to figurine Santas, there are so many options available that will give you loads of Instagram likes.

    Wreaths and Garlands

    Wreaths and garlands are synonymous with holiday decorating. They make for a classic festive display that brings the décor together with a neat little bow. Wreaths and garlands come in a variety of sizes, styles, colors and are essential to every holiday setup. Just place a wreath beside your computer screen and a couple of garlands hanging from your cube walls and watch them transform your space. You can also combine these with a simple Poinsettia plant or artificial flower arrangement for additional color that stays on theme.

    Window Decals

    Simple yet high-impact Christmas window decals offer so much to a space without spending much. They are usually made of opaque or clear vinyl, can be custom printed, and offer endless design possibilities. For a quick and easy way to add festive cheer, fill your windows with vinyl stickers featuring snowflakes, ornaments, candy canes and more to frame the winter wonderland outside.

    Star and Tree Cutouts

    Yet another easy way to bring a merry Christmas to your office space, star, and tree cutouts are one of the most tried and true workplace decoration options. A highly inexpensive yet impactful way to spread cheer in your office, star and tree cutouts come in bright colors and will help fill in the details in your display.