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Easy Plant Care Tips to Keep Your Garden Healthy

Think about a time when your office stuff is not aligned. Well, it is a little troublesome, isn’t it? Let’s think about a similar scenario but, this time, with plants. Here, is one of the most mystifying things that can happen to your amazing office garden. Is a disease.

And, how does that happen? When you don’t take proper of them.

Well, we know that as a concerned employer, you will always take action to make sure your employees stay healthy and happy. This brings along the chance that you know the importance of having plants in your outdoor and indoor office space. This allows people to work as well as increase their happiness and productivity levels.

Therefore, now is your time to clock in the finest plant care basics and make your office plants lively again. We have curated a list of easy plant care instructions that everyone can follow to keep those plants in your office space happy.

Remember, invasion is never good

If you get in large and fast-growing plants that love to spread their roots, obviously not good for the office environment, they can overtake other plants in the garden that you adore. Here, it is always best to keep things tidy and not messed up.

So, take control of what you nurture and keep your plants with entire pots in the ground. This will keep all the roots of one plant to themselves only.

It’s good to salt things up a little

A lot of times you must have encountered Epsom salts in your daily lives in one way or the other. We usually store our Epsom salts in our medicine cabinet to be used for relaxation or baths. But do you know they can be a holy grail, well sort of, for your plants?

With Epsom salts having high levels of sulphate and magnesium, they’re a great source of nourishment for plants. So, mix up some tablespoons of Epsom salt in water and water your plants occasionally. You can maybe scatter it into the soil as well.

Protect it at all times

Does your office garden have a veggie patch or fruit trees row to get your employees a fresh fruit pick? Well, no matter what, one of the biggest enemies of any successful garden is unwanted animal life. Just imagine a cat or a dog looming over your garden and destroying it on a whim.

Well, you can always go for plant netting over your flowering or fruiting plants. You can also go for a garden structure to clock access to your important or yielding ones. And with little to no interruption, your garden is sure to flourish.

Everyone should be involved

We understand that everyone is busy with one thing or the other in the workspace. But it is never a bad idea to get everyone’s hand dirty once in a while, or maybe every day – if they wish.

Even if you hire professional services for your plant care, it is always good to have everyone around care for the office plants or garden. And, the more people are there to care, the more the plant’s chances to thrive.

But overcrowding is not good at all

Would you like your office space with people hurling in from every corner? Well, of course, you know that every space has a threshold or a limit. And, this comes true with plants as well.

While spacing plants, it is important to keep an eye. Also, do not plant new ones over others. With crowded plants, you create humidity allowing diseases to prevail. Improved airflow reduced high relative humidity allowing foliage to dry more quickly.

Keep an eye out for bugs

One thing that you always need to look out for is bugs. After all, we’re not the only ones who love plants, bugs admire them too. They feed and thrive on the plants but destroy them in return.

Therefore, ensure that your plants stay safe from all the trespassing that these little plant lovers can do. Also, some bugs can transport viruses eventually spreading from one plant to the next. So, look out.

Water is important for survival

Of course, you know that. But here we are talking about the extreme ends. You should also know that too much or too little is the trouble here. Watering your plants with the right amount can make a big difference. Just adding one more tip here, along with water, natural light is always the best bet to do an amazing job. And think about what wonders water and natural light can do.

Prune out the dead ends (or middles maybe)

think of project planning – don’t you keep all the best bits of it to thrive? This is the same with plants. You got to keep the best bits of the plant too. Wounded limbs or leaves can become infected and sabotage the whole plant. And, always use sharp tools to make clean cuts for rapid healing.

Seek professional help – yes, that’s always a good choice

You’re a busy person when around the office, so why not seek professional help? There’s always a great deal of plant care services that you can take help from. It’ll be a great helping hand for you.

Whether you are one of those seeking ideas on how to take care of plants for beginners or a few expert tips, these plant care tips will always come in handy. And, we are sure of it. 

Here, at Plantscape LIVE, we understand that it might be a little difficult for you properly look after your office plants amidst all the work. With us, you always lie in professional hands offering the finest indoor plant help when it comes to complete plant care and maintenance. Not to forget, we know how important your office plants might be for you. So, make that call and let your plants stay in safe hands with the best indoor plant service.