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How to Care for Office Plants

Office plants should be made an essential component of every office interior. Be it at home or a corporate workplace, having plants in an office space can significantly change your working mood. Moreover, greenery always brightens up indoor spaces as well as is known to have mood-boosting qualities.

People often look for the best indoor office plants, as they are relatively easy to look after. They also provide health benefits and go along with a variety of indoor décor themes. Opting for corporate office plants can be a great option when you have little space for an outdoor garden or have severe climatic variations.

Now, when you choose to have office plants, they are no different than any other living member of your surroundings. They demand loving and tender care from us. You might also have to follow a few routines for them. So, let’s explore all about office plant care.

How about regular sunshine?

The number one tip for office plant care is sunlight. Although most indoor plants do not need regular sunlight, they’ll need it a bit. Remember that they’ll do exceptionally well if regularly exposed to the sun for a few days before you bring them back in.

Sunlight is a crucial photosynthesis element – it also acts as an antibacterial and prevents any diseases or insects attack. So, to keep your plants in the pink of their health, schedule some sunlight days for your plants for a few days every 8 to 10 weeks. Your plants will thank you by thriving for this.

Overwatering can kill

Since we happen to see indoor plants more often, we might develop a tendency or pattern of watering the plants frequently. This overwatering pattern happens even when the soil does not require any extra moisture.

And, whether you believe it or not, overwatering is a leading cause of dying plants. Therefore, it is best to water only when you see that the soil is a bit dry. Alongside, make sure that the soil is well-drained – plants hate wet feet.

Placement is important too

Your plants cannot be placed just anywhere. So, the next thing to look after in plant care is placement.

If you are planning to keep your plants near a glass window that stays closed for the majority of the day, chances are that the glass can get excessively hot due to direct sunlight. This increases the temperature near the glass leading to charred leaves or burnout of delicate plants.

Likewise, do not place your plants in direct air from a fan or air conditioner – some plants might not like it. If you feel that the plant is in distress, try moving it to a different room or different location in the same room.

Get rid of the dead leaves

Think of wilted and dead leaves on or near your plants. Well, you thought of having plants that provide greenery and a soothing environment. And, dead leaves can do exactly the opposite. Therefore, you need to constantly keep eye on them.

Always closely look at the state of the plant. This will allow you to catch any distress or disease early before it can cause too much harm. Moreover, plucking out the dead or wilted leaves is one of the easiest things to do. This way, pests won’t settle on decaying leaves while letting your plant stay happy and healthy.

Put in those fertilizers regularly

Now, you always need to show love to your plants. Plants need essential nutrients and supplements to thrive. If you deprive them of the basic requirements, they’ll just die. And, you would not like your lovely friend to look wilted or dried.

Therefore, it is best to provide your plants with small and regular doses of plant food. Moreover, fertilizers are not that hard to find or even make. So, you can either go for store-bought fertilizer or homemade compost. Start by sprinkling a little bit on the top soil to give the required nutrient shots to your plants.

Pick out the infected plants

Well, if you choose to have office plants, you’ll definitely love to take care of them. However, as humans, we take care of ourselves too but catch infections or diseases sometimes. Likewise, plants can too. No matter how hard you care for the plants, you can still find that one of your precious buddies has been hit by a fungal or insect attack.

Start by removing the plant from the space. Make sure you keep them away from other plants as well. One symptom is leaves turning brown. The absence of direct sunlight mixed with fresh breezes can make the infection spread quicker.

Choose the plant assortment wisely

Well, you cannot pick just any plant for your office space. Just think of having a rose plant with blooming roses in your office space. Of course, they look amazing. But would they impart a sense of being in a workplace? Another thing is that they demand frequent care and attention.

So, it is vital to choose your plants wisely. Certain plants do well in indoor conditions while some do not. And it is important to pick those who are well acquainted with indoor living. Any plant can survive indoors for a few days but to make them last longer, pick the ones that can. Also, consider the sunlight conditions in the space you want the plants to be in.

Follow these few simple steps and enjoy your amazing mini garden inside your office space. Plants are soothing to the eyes, spread peace in your surroundings and are a great décor accessory. They can simply add charm to every single space you put them in.

If you are facing trouble in the office plant care aspect, you should always take the help of a plant professional. This way, you can focus on your work in a green environment without worrying about taking care of the plants yourself at all.