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How to Care for your Live Moss Wall

Whether you’re looking for a way to introduce soothing greenery to your space or you simply adore the aesthetic of natural, velvety moss, living Moss walls are ideal. Not only are they incredibly attractive as a design element, they’re a living work of art that brings the best of nature to your indoor space. Apart from improving air quality, there are numerous benefits of live Moss walls including noise reduction, indoor humidity, and progress toward a richer environment that more actively engages the mind. They offer so much, yet they’re so easy to care for. Below is a guide on how to care for your live Moss wall.

How to care for Live Moss Wall?

Light Requirements – As mentioned before, Moss does not require a lot of maintenance and they do not require sunlight to thrive. Yes, it requires access to some natural light or at least artificial lights or indirect light to look good. A little bit of decorative lighting will not just make them flourish but will add drama to your overall setting. 

Water Requirements – Moss thrives in damp environments, so ensure that the soil is consistently moist. You don’t have to water them like a plant. Make sure that the conditions are humid since Moss wall displays are healthiest in a humid environment. You will also need to keep it away from heaters and potentially introduce a humidifier to keep your wall from drying out. 

Temperature Requirements – Live Moss walls thrive all year-round. They are cold hardy and will lose color when temperature drops below 20oF. They will be back to their best when the heat and water returns. 

Pruning Requirements – Just like every other plant, even Moss requires a little pruning since there will be some parts of your live wall that will look clean, while some parts might get a little shaggy. If there are some areas of your live Moss wall that are getting too long, you will need to trim them to promote fuller regrowth. 

Live Moss walls require just a small degree of commitment for a stunning and unexpected outcome. From creating a highly attractive space to an ambiance of mindfulness, Moss walls offer plenty of benefits to any indoor space.