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How to Decorate Any Space with a Jungle Aesthetic?

Are you a big fan of the jungle vibe? Do you look for ways to bring a jungle room aesthetic inside your workplace using indoor office plants

Well, if your answer is yes, then we are proud of it. But we know why you’re here. You’re not sure how to decorate your space with jungle aesthetics, right? But you need not worry, as you are in the safest hands now. So, let’s create a jungle-inspired room or space in your office step-by-step. So, get along with us on this interesting journey and know how you can do it. And remember, you can do it!

First - We need plants

For sure this is an obvious one. how can you set up a jungle without having plants? Also, never forget that nothing beats the natural beauty of having real plants at your office. Here are some plant species that are simpler to maintain if you're determined to buy genuine plants:


Spider Plant 

Split Leaf Philodendron

Peace Lily 

Rubber Tree

These are not the only plants; you can have many other types of plants as well. However, all of these plants, notably Pothos, thrive in low-light environments. That being said, light is essential for healthy plant growth. Make sure they receive at least a couple of hours of light each day. Because they can see the sky and receive the lightest, the plants in a lot of spaces that are closest to the window thrive. But if you have a low-light office space, you can also go for office plant décor using plants that can thrive in faded or dark light conditions.

Second – Let’s go Shelf Hunting

Now, we all know that we are creating a jungle theme space in your office space. Here, you cannot just have a garden laid out on the floor. You need to make intelligent decisions here. And this is where the walls come into play. Well, not exactly the walls but the shelves that will go on the walls.

Here, remember that shelves form an important part of the effort of creating an urban jungle in your workspace. With this, you also get more area to fill with plants and save a lot of floor space. You do not want to be walking in the mud in your office, right?

Here, you can go for different sizes and designs of shelves depending on your requirements or preferences. You can go with single shelves racked in irregular patterns for a rustic look. Pick a tiered wooden shelf if you want to bring in some organized symmetry in the space. Go for honeycomb design shelves arranged in a beautiful pattern and adorned with plants all along. The options can be unending.

In this process, if you feel at anytime that it can be an overwhelming process for you, your best bet is to take professional help such as Plantscape Live. Professionals are sure to convert your space into the jungle you dream of.

Third – Time to Create a Propagation Station

Now, let’s start filling those shelves with propagating plants! Pretty easy to propagate are Pothos, spider plants, and philodendrons – go for them. You can also consider taking some help from professionals to make sure that you do it correctly based on the plant that you plan on propagating.

This proves to be an amazing way to create more and more space without the need of buying more plants. And, this quickly fills out your space with more greenery while giving you the jungle vibe that you are looking for. Imagine having the serenity of greens all around you – it makes everything better.

Maybe you can start with just 2 Pothos and gradually enjoy more of them coming along by propagating them. They are known for quick growth and are very easy to propagate.

Fourth – Bringing in the Mirrors

Now comes the fun part – the décor part. Well, not décor exactly but the beautification of your jungle space and bringing it all together.

It is now time to bring in the mirrors and see the magic happening. When you bring a mirror into the urban jungle aesthetics, it reflects light and brightens up the space. So, tell us one thing, would you rather stay in a stunning greenery-filled bright room or just a space filled with plants and plant arrangements? We will choose the latter and we know that you will too.

Now, mirrors will also give your plants more of the essential light that they want to grow and thrive. And, did we not mention, the choice of mirrors is endless – shape, size, colour, pattern and a lot more – all is yours to choose from. 

Want a rustic look? Go for it. Want to bring in a contemporary vibe? Who’s stopping you? Want to keep it minimalistic? This is your way to go.

Fifth – How can we forget Plant Accessories?

Last but never least, plant accessories are a big YES. So, in our opinion, get some nice pots and plant hangers for your office jungle. Source them from a nursery, buy them online or get the custom-made, it’s all you. After all, you will be the one enjoying the space, so the elements need to be what you like.

Last – Take Care!

Well, you’ve done it all, but you need to take care of it too. Whether it is plant watering, trimming or maintenance, it is important. Here, even if you create a stunning jungle aesthetic room all by yourself, you’ll need to take care of the plants and maintain it to make your jungle look like the one you want. Here, if you are worried about plant care and plant maintenance in your jungle theme office decoration, Plantscape LIVE is the one for you. We are a leading and finest plant rental service provider that will help you manage it all from A to Z. and, all you have to do it to enjoy your jungle space!