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biophilic green wall

Plantscape Live was recently featured in an article on “11 Spring Gardening Ideas Sprouting in 2022”. The article lists off an abundance of ways to start thinking about creative spring gardening ideas. Now that spring is around the corner, one can completely refresh their space. From fruit trees to green walls to vertical gardens, there's a vast variety of ways to incorporate spring into your life through plants. Whether it be an outdoor garden or plants for an interior space, the article provides inspiration for anyone looking to redesign and liven their atmosphere.

Plantscape Live’s Account Executive, McKenzie Schweitzer, talked to Redfin about vertical gardens and biophilic green walls.

Vertical gardens are an innovative and non-traditional way to grow more plants with less space. Biophilic green walls are a growing interest in the design world, adding a wow factor to a space without compromising valuable room. There are freestanding and wall-adhered options depending on your flexibility. Freestanding options are utilized as functional furniture as well, while wall-adhered options can cover upwards of 20 feet in height and act as an organic piece of art. Both options can be hand-watered and maintained on a weekly basis, but larger green walls are typically tapped into internal plumbing and able to self-water. Plant varieties can vary and be placed thoughtfully to create exciting designs that have a long list of benefits such as increased productivity and a calmer ambiance, while also purifying the air.”