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Live Plant Programs for Holiday Décor (1)


The Holiday season is upon us - and Plantscape is here to solve your holiday decorating needs!

Using your existing décor, a brand new design, or a mixture of both, we can prepare your space for a festive holiday season with a professional touch.

Some of our customers like to use their own traditional holiday decorations each year to create their favorite familiar scenes, and we help them compose their plant arrangements and holiday décor with an experienced eye. For others, we also refresh and replace unhealthy or outdated decorations as needed during the installation process.

Our most popular option however is to get an exclusive, customized holiday theme created by Christmas Katie, our dedicated holiday décor specialist, then update it each subsequent year with one or two new pieces to keep it fresh and relevant. This is especially important for branded displays, in which the holiday décor scheme keeps up with your branding statement year after year.


Christmas Katie keeps up with worldwide trends in Holiday décor and can create the holiday theme of your dreams - from this year’s hottest trends to totally traditional. For those seeking her talent, she starts from scratch every year, creating a one-of-a-kind suite of décor exclusive to that client.

Whether you choose to purchase fresh greenery - trees, wreaths, swags, roping, etc. - or invest in high-quality artificial greenery, we can fit our program to your needs, and provide all the installation and take down services for you.

We also provide beautiful holiday poinsettias, either as stand-alone pieces or as a part of the overall design scheme. For those enrolled on our rotational color programs already, orchids, bromeliads, and flowers include a rotation of poinsettias during the Holiday Season.

Whether you are starting a brand new tradition or looking to supplement and update your existing décor, or simply don’t have the time to put up your Christmas tree, give us a call!