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Living Walls vs. Preserved Moss Walls

From trees to potted plants to vines and flowers, there are so many ways to introduce greenery into your daily space - but greenery in the form of living walls is something that will not only mesmerize guests but will also bring soothing energy to your environment. A great way to introduce wellness to your interior design, green walls are known to bring restoration and focus in the space along with reducing noise and air pollution. And that’s not all - living walls can affect your mood in positive ways and help in reducing stress and increasing productivity. And let’s not forget the beautiful aesthetics of greenery, and the refreshing, uplifting feeling it brings to the setting. 

Living walls and preserved moss walls are two trendy ways of introducing nature in any space. Their versatility, elegance, and character can add lively energy – from offices to reception areas, lobbies to hotel rooms, restaurants, bars, and more. So, what is the difference between living walls and preserved moss walls, and what is suited to your commercial space? Let’s find out. 

What are Living Walls?

Living walls or green walls consist of real, living plants that require soil (or substrate) and water that is provided through an integrated water delivery system. They require regular maintenance to keep the plants alive and flourishing. Aesthetically pleasing elements that can incorporate a wide range of plants including herbs, flowers, succulents, etc., living walls are composed from multiple plants in a condensed space and help in cleaning the air by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. 

What are Preserved Moss Walls? 

Preserved Moss walls, as the name suggests, are made of preserved and faux plants - mainly preserved moss. Preserved moss is real moss that is cleaned and treated to retain its color and freshness. As such, preserved moss walls are completely maintenance-free and do not require huge amounts of water, soil, and sunshine. Since these walls consist of real moss, they have the same calming, revitalizing, and uplifting effect of a living wall. 

Benefits of Living Walls vs. Benefits of Preserved Moss Walls

Living walls -

Living walls help in cleaning the air by removing toxins and consequently improve the air and breathing.
They can incorporate almost any plant, so you can grow herbs, flowers, etc. Green walls don’t just boost curb appeal but also help in stress relief.
Living walls help in lowering temperature levels and provide great insulation by keeping buildings cool in summers and warm in winters.
Exterior green walls attract birds and insects and other rich life forms and significantly increase the residential property value.

Preserved Moss Walls

Since moss walls make use of preserved moss, they require extremely low maintenance as compared to living walls. They don’t require timely cleaning, pruning, watering, etc.
These walls do not attract pests.
Preserved Moss walls don’t just look stunning but boost concentration and productivity and help in sound absorption as well.
Preserved Moss walls can be custom created in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes and can be easily transferred from one place to another.