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Office Plant Ideas for You Guaranteed to Thrive at Your Desk

Let’s start with imagining your office desk. Start with the unending folders and papers stacked away in files. Next comes your laptop with unlimited pings of work. Now comes the boring pen stand and other ‘so-called’ décor items that you try to admire and cherish. But tell us one thing, is it really worth cherishing?

Do you know what’s one fun and soothing way to add décor to your office desk? Well, it’s one of our amazing friends – Plants. And, one can never go wrong with the idea of having plants at their office desk. Of course, an office with plants sounds pretty good. At first, they bring a dash of greenery to your monotonous table and cherish you without much effort. But these indoor office plants need some water and care from you – just a tiny bit. 

Here, we know that you would want your employees to have those lovely friends too at their desks. And, of course, not to forget, plants can help reduce stress and increase productivity in the workplace. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t know what plants are the best? No worries, we are here to help you out. We have curated this list of the finest office plants that you can have as the best desk companions. So, let’s wait no more and start digging.


You must have heard how succulents can be an amazing addition to any space. So, why not your office desk?  So, go after these tiny friends of yours who are fairly durable and don’t need much when it comes to the way of care. And as they are mini versions, they don’t take up a lot of space.

ZZ Plants

Let’s move on to the next one on our list – ZZ Plant. Did you know that ZZs need moderate to brighter light environments but can hold up fine in low light? Well, this is what makes it special. Another thing is that it needs little water too so that’s gone another one of your worries. And if the leaves start falling, replenish them with water and they’ll bounce back right. 

Bamboo arrangements

Have you ever seen a bamboo farm? How stunning they look with their naturally unique look and without any interference. So, for a unique hint of green on your work desk, you can go for an arrangement of bamboo. Remember, it is also considered lucky in many parts of the world. All this makes it best for a business setting.

Colour Orchids

Are you looking to add some colours and visual interests to your office’s desks? Well, you can definitely do that by adding some potted orchids to the desk. And, despite being fairly tall, they won’t take up much of your horizontal space. Moreover, they’re easy to care for and last way longer than most cut flowers.

Air Plant Terrarium

Let’s give your office desk a stunning pop of colours with the most amazing air plant terrarium. Moreover, air plants do not need any constant watering so this makes up for any maintenance issues that might arise. And, it can be as small and as big as you want, well only that big to fit your desk.

Spider Plant

As these plants prefer to dry out and stay moist, you can leave a few days between watering them. So, here we are with the next name on the list – Spider Plants. These plants prefer bright but indirect sunlight, so they’ll perfectly do even when they don’t get to sit directly by the window at your office desk.

Peace Lily

Surprisingly easy to grow, these beautiful flowering plants are an amazing addition to your desk. This crazy plant is full of lush and contains eight of the white spathes. Also, it should have the soil moist and mists the leaves regularly, but no overwatering, remember. And direct sunlight is definitely not ideal.

Golden Devil’s Ivy

Do you know what is one of the most popular office plants? It’s none other than Golden Devil’s Ivy. And, it is smart enough to fit on most of your office desks. And, if you’re worried about the plant care and maintenance part, this plant got it covered for you as it survives without indirect sunlight and needs minimal maintenance.

Bonsai Plants

Well, what can be the next best on your work desk than your lovely bonsai friends? Bonsais come in different shapes and sizes, and you get to have your pick. Also, they are sophisticated enough along with helping purify the air in your office space.

Aloe Plants

How much aloe plants can be useful we can only imagine. Well, that’s why we bring to you our next candidate to be put up on your desk – Aloe Plants. They’re fairly low maintenance and take up a moderate amount of space only. Also, they can have healing benefits as well if you want and grow in windows with natural light.


Well, now we know that these are not just for the desert but for your office desks as well, we present to you – Cacti. Extremely durable and easy to keep alive along with minimal maintenance, they just need moderate or low light. You can have mini versions of cacti for your desks. Make sure you do not over-water them.

We hope this list will be a saviour for you. But we very well understand the fact as well that your office work might make it a bit difficult when comes to office plant maintenance. Here, you can go for the finest plant rental and plant service company, Plantscape Live. We understand the need of having plants in the workspace and make that happen for you. Moreover, offering the finest office plant service, we know the complete know-how of plant care and maintenance. This leaves you in safe hands. Bring greenery to your office desks, forget about their maintenance and care and enjoy the charisma they have to spread.