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An Immersive Biophilic Vertical Garden Experience

A grow tower is a structured vertical garden designed for growing plants while saving on space. Design wise, the possibilities with grow towers are limitless. They are highly customizable, can be indoors or outdoors, with or without dirt, and can grow an extensive variety of plants. They’re perfect for spaces that may not have as much floor space, but have plenty of vertical space. Grow towers are the perfect way to introduce greenery to your commercial space while possibly turning it into an enjoyable, engaging experience for the people around.

The Increase In Popularity of Grow Towers

There is an abundance of reasons as to why someone would have a grow tower in their space. For starters, they’re a very compact and efficient way to introduce multiple types of plants in a small space. One small grow tower in the corner of a room could have a large variety of greens to freshen up the space and help people feel more relaxed and connected to nature. It is also very common for people to grow vegetables such as green onions and spinach, as they’re simple to take care of and can set an interactive experience in your workspace. A break room with a grow tower of foods can incentivize workers to help take care of it; Being connected with nature in the workspace is scientifically proven to increase productivity and help people feel more relaxed. Grow towers also make a unique decoration that can also help one feel connected to nature in their space.

The Types of Grow Towers

Typically, there are two main methods of growing plants in a grow tower. This focus is on whether you want to grow your plants in the grow tower with soil or aeroponically, meaning with just air and water. Without the soil’s nutrients when growing aeroponically, the quality of water you use for your tower is a bit more important. However, both methods are very similar in care. The types of plants you choose to grow heavily depend on your tower garden, where it is, and the level of care you invent in them. As these are all live plants, they rely on the atmosphere around them to help them flourish and grow. You may need additional lighting if the space the tower is in doesn’t get much natural daylight.

How to Start Your Own Grow Tower

Grow towers rely heavily on the plants and what care they need. Be sure to research the plants you want to grow in order to ensure the perfect space for them. If you have a grow tower with multiple types of plants, it may help to select plants that have a similar level of care. By doing this, you won’t have to customize each sections’ light needs and watering, making their care a much easier process for you. Research the plants you’re looking for, assemble a tower in a space that makes care easy, and put together what you may need for their care. Tower gardens are very simple to take care of, but it is important to do research on the plants you’re getting and decide if your commercial space is good for them to thrive in.

The Benefits of Having a Grow Tower

There are many benefits to having a grow tower. If you’re looking to add plants to your space, they’re a highly simple way to take care of multiple types of plants. They also set up an interesting and unique experience, giving anyone in your commercial space the opportunity to interact and care for the plants. It has been scientifically proven that live plants can help people be more productive and feel relaxed at work. They also help clean the air and refresh your space, transforming your office atmosphere into something much more vitalizing  Not to mention, they’re also very beneficial to interior design. They can fill up empty parts of a room, cover spots, and take the stage as the centerpiece for your decorations.