Fresh Plants for Bell Plaza


The world has changed a lot – and not just the recent changes resulting from the pandemic. The offices of the working world have grown since the turn of the century regarding concepts like formality and privacy, and continue to push toward minimal environments that emphasize openness, and a connection with nature. Much of this comes as an evolution of the open office plans that started to take root over a decade ago, but the uncomfortable stark-white and hard edges have been traded out for greenery and organic shapes. 


We’ve been working with Bell Plaza for a long time – so long in fact that we remember when the building used to be known as “Northland Plaza”. Back then things looked a little different. 

Call it a product of the times, but the lobby area of the building used to be much more closed-in, with a much darker color scheme, and made use of solid granite and blocky geometry. Fast forward to today, and those floor to ceiling windows are getting much better utilization with an open concept and planting areas that don’t obstruct the flow of the floor plan.


No trend lasts forever, and just as the blocky granite of the ’90s has fallen out of favor, it’s fair to assume that the open office environment will likewise change with time. What doesn’t change is the human connection to nature – the desire to be within a natural environment, and the restorative benefits of doing so. That’s why Bell Plaza has doubled down on their investment on live greenery – one of the few truly timeless design decisions. For as long as those plants remain in their lobby, we will be there to keep them fresh, crisp, and lively.


It’s remarkable what a few good plants can do. The lobby at Bell Plaza requires just a handful of Bromeliads, Chinese Evergreens, and Kentia Palms to suddenly start looking like an interior design magazine. Transforming your space into a modern instagram-worthy scene is completely achievable with the help of Plantscape’s expert service technicians and project managers.