Milky Way Cast Iron Plant 

Cast Iron Plant, Milky Way

Cast Iron Plant can grow up to 2-3 ft and the cast iron plant leaf can be around 4 inches wide. These plants are famous for staying alive for many years even when neglected. Apart from the aesthetic appeal, the plant is also instrumental in enhancing the commercial environment. It improves the air quality by absorbing harmful chemicals providing your clients a healthier environment.

You can place this plant near the door, windows, vents, any shady area. Although it doesn’t bring the vibrancy like plants that bear colorful flowers, it serves as the perfect backdrop in a professional setting.

Milky Way Cast Iron Plant

The rare variant of the cast iron plant is spotted. The dark green leaves have small white or yellowish spots, reminiscent of the Milky Way galaxy.

Cast Iron Plant Care

Light and Temperature Requirement – The plant should not be kept under direct sunlight. Or else, it can change the color of the leaves or burn them. However, it does need indirect sunlight to grow. So, place the plant in a shady area.

Soil Conditions – Any kind of soil is generally conducive to the growth of the plant. Ensure that the soil has good drainage. Organically which soil is slightly acidic to neutral is ideal.

Water Requirements – The plant does not need to be watered regularly. However, a moderate amount of soil moisture is ideal. To ensure that the soil is only slightly moist, let the plant dry out between waterings. Wet soil can lead to root rot.

Food requirements – The cast iron plant should be fed once a month with an all-purpose liquid fertilizer in spring. The growth rate of the plant is very slow. So, you only need to re-pot it once in two or three years.