Glauca Plant


Glauca, also known as The Green Ti or Good Luck Plant, has become popular because of its charming looks. It is an evergreen perennial, air-purifying, indoor plant, creating dense upright clusters of lush, deep green foliage.

Delicate and Decorative Glauca Potted Plant

Glauca plant care is quite easy. You don’t have to worry if you have never cared for a plant before. There is absolutely zero need to fuss over it. Glauca plant growth rate is little more than a foot every year and maxes out by the third year.

With regular pruning, Glauca makes an ideal office plant with its naturally spherical shape that is pleasing to the eye. Though you could place one on a desk, ideally it is suited for the windowsill.

Glauca Plant Care

Light and Temperature Requirements – Ideally, The Glauca needs a medium, indirect sunlight. This plant does well at room temperature between 60°F – 77°F.

Soil Conditions – The species does best if you place it in a light soil mixture. Soil acidity should range between 6 and 7 for optimum growth. A delicate balance of silt, peat, and humus is best. Make sure that the soil never becomes loose.

Water Requirements – Do not overdo this part. Give it plenty, but never too often. Once every two days is enough. You can’t keep it in soggy soil without destroying it. Neither does it do well if the soil has dried out too much. A few fluid ounces of water is more than enough.

Food Requirements – Maintain a balance of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. A 10-10-10 ratio is ideal but not mandatory. Glauca is quite hardy and does well with no more than a monthly dose. Use organic fertilizers if possible to provide optimum nutrition.