Watermelon Peperomia Plant


Watermelon Peperomia – It has distinctive silver and green striped foliage that resembles a watermelon, therefore the name. It stays about 6 to 8 inches tall. Usually propagated from leaf cuttings.

Peperomia plants—also called baby rubber plants—are avant-garde, to say the least. Peperomia’s ornamental foliage is vividly colorful and oh-so adaptable. These tiny succulents grow magnificently in low-light, low-water conditions.

The genus Peperomia includes over 1000 species of which only a few are cultivated extensively. Over 100 species of Peperomia are currently cultivated in the United States, although many stay in the hands of collectors.

Peperomia plants are members of the Piperaceae family. They are tropical, and the source of many of your favorite essential oils and botanical products. They are incredibly easy to grow and hence, ideal for beginners of biophilic interior decor.

According to NASA research, Peperomia leaves can purify the air by reducing formaldehyde levels by as much as 47%. Peperomia is believed to bring good luck. It is often given as a gift in Brazil to symbolize, ‘everything will be alright.’

Peperomia is perhaps that one houseplant that benefits from an occasional splash of coffee. Coffee is rich in nitrogen which stimulates leaf growth and makes the color pop.

Peperomia Plant Care

Light Requirements – Peperomias thrive in medium to bright light, which is ideal for their colors. Can easily tolerate low indirect sunlight. 12 to 16 hours of artificial sunlight helps too. Avoid keeping the plant under direct sunlight as it might burn the leaves.

Soil Requirements – Peperomia plants grow as epiphytes. Regular potting soil helps, something that is loose and acidic or an orchid potting mix. It works wonders.

Water Requirements – These plants are tolerant to drought. Overwatering may cause root rot and fungus gnat. Watering every 1-2 weeks helps. However, keeping the plant dry is better.

Temperature Requirements- Because they are tropical plants, Peperomias prefer a warm and cozy environment. Make sure that you keep the plant outside during summers and give it a good bask. They grow well in high humidity levels.

Peperomia Varieties

Red-Edge Peperomia

This variety is slightly larger than your regular Peperomia. It has elongated leaves which are dark green and oval-shaped with dark red margins, hence the name. Sometimes called Baby Rubber plant. Usually propagated from stem cuttings.

Teardrop Peperomia

It stays about 6 inches tall and hence is termed a dwarf plant. Popular varieties include ‘pixie’ and ‘princess astrid’.