Podocarpus Bush

Podocarpus Bush

Podocarpus bushes are a darling of landscapers. The Podocarpus shrub plants are loved for a wide range of reasons; they are hardy and handsome, can adapt to almost any condition, and look beautiful when sheared as a formal hedge.

Podocarpus belongs to the Podocarpaceae family of plants and has over 100 species. If not sheared, Podocarpus can grow as long as 50 feet. Thus, shearing is a must to keep them as indoor plants.

How far apart should you plant Podocarpus? 3 feet apart is a good choice. How fast do Podocarpus bushes grow? The bushes have an average growth rate of two feet a year.

Podocarpus bushes work well as privacy screens and hedge bushes. Furthermore, you can use the bushes to camouflage any unsightly thing around the house.

How to plant Podocarpus? Just like you plant any other plant. However, make sure to create slits in the soil as the process promotes outward root growth.

Podocarpus bushes can live up to 150 years. Thus, it’s definitely value-for-money.

Podocarpus Bush Care

Light and Temperature Requirements – Podocarpus bush can grow in almost all light conditions, making it a brilliant choice for indoor plants. However, indirect bright light promotes faster growth. If the plant doesn’t get the bare minimum light, the lower needles on the branches become elongated and large.

Soil Conditions – Podocarpus bushes prefer moist but well-drained sandy soil. However, the bushes are one of the toughest plants and can thrive in a variety of soils. Steer clear from constantly wet or soggy soils which can cause root problems. Furthermore, high alkaline soils can cause nutrient deficiencies. 

How much water does a Podocarpus bush need – Young podocarpus bushes need some water to establish roots. Afterward, the bushes are drought tolerant. However, never over-water the bushes. A good sign of overwatering would be grey needles and brown leaf tips. As a rule of thumb, only water the plants once the top two inches dry out.     

Food Requirements – Use a fertilizer designed for acid-loving plants at half the recommended strength. Miracid would be a good example. Apply the fertilizer every two weeks in the spring and summer when the Podocarpus bush is actively growing.