Pothos, Marble Queen Pole

Pole Pothos

The marble queen pole pothos is recognizable by its creamy green and white foliage. It’s common in tropical and temperate regions, and a landscaping favorite. Pot it, or let it crawl up the wall.

Perhaps you hesitate in your gardening journey, for fear of killing a newly bought plant. The Pothos plant is for you. Pothos is an almost unkillable plant. It lacks blooms, which it more than makes up, with its gorgeous leaves of different colors and shapes.

Fondly dubbed “Devil’s ivy” because it is impossible to kill, Pothos is a member of the Araceae family. The plant is native to Moorea, an island in French Polynesia. It’s so adaptable that it has been naturalized in both temperate and tropical climates.

The Pothos plant is a vine that adheres to pretty much any surface you allow it to. It is often chosen as an aerial plant since it likes to climb vertically.

Besides being ornamental, Pothos is also an excellent air filter. It absorbs toxins like formaldehyde, toluene, xylene, and benzene in closed environments. This is why it is often grown as an indoor plant.

A live Pothos indoor plant from Plantscape will adorn any space with a refreshing hit of greenery. The fast-growing Pothos plant will give you a sense of accomplishment.

Pothos Plant Care

Light and Temperature Requirements – The Pothos plant thrives under bright, indirect light. Pothos also grows in low light or fluorescent light. Direct sunlight can scorch the plant and discolor the leaves, so avoid that. A temperature consistently above 50℉ is ideal for the plant.

Soil Conditions – Ordinary, well-drained soil is where Pothos thrives. The soil needs to dry completely between waterings as continuous damp soil can cause the root to rot. You can keep the plant in ordinary potting soil and not worry about the pH. The plant is tolerant of both acidic and neutral soil pH.

Water Requirements – How often you need to water pothos is decided by the plant itself. If you notice the leaves are drooping, then give it some water. If you’re growing the Pothos in a pot, be sure to drain the saucer underneath of excess water.

Food Requirements – Pothos is a light feeder and does not require many nutrients. To make the plant look healthier, you can feed it balanced liquid houseplant fertilizer every 1-3 months.