Spathiphyllum, Supreme

Spathiphyllum Supreme

Spathiphyllum Supreme is a medium-sized variety that grows up to 3-4 feet tall. Its shiny green leaves are around 9-12 inches wide.

With its spectacular white lily-like flowers and glistening dark green foliage, the Spathiphyllum plant is one of the most elegant and easiest indoor houseplants to grow.

Commonly known as the Peace Lily, Spath Lily, or White Sails, Spathiphyllum is often associated with peace, prosperity, purity, and sympathy. Feng shui experts believe that Peace Lilies attract positive energy and have cleansing and protective vibrations.

The Peace Lily also has the distinction of being one of the top air-purifying plants. It can neutralize common toxins found in your home including formaldehyde, benzene, carbon monoxide, and ammonia.

Despite being native to the hot and humid regions of Central and South America, Spathiphyllum plants grow well in your average indoor home conditions and don’t need excess sunlight or water.

The white leaf-like bract (spathe) that you see isn’t the actual flower. The flowers are tiny and grow on the spadix- the thick and fleshy flowering spike.

Add a tropical touch to your bedroom, office cubicle, or just about any corner of your home with these gorgeous plants.

How do you care for a Spathiphyllum plant? Simple, just follow these Spathiphyllum plant care instructions.

Spathiphyllum Plant Care

Light and Temperature Requirements – Peace Lilies appreciate low to bright indirect sunlight. Excess direct sunlight can scorch their leaves and dry out their flowers. They thrive well in average room temperatures (65-75°F) and can tolerate up to 55°F. Anything below 55°F can cause these plants to die.

Soil Conditions – Spathiphyllum plants hate soggy soil. So always choose a pot with a drainage hole. Select a rich, well-draining, peat-based potting soil or a cactus potting mix. Pot the plant in a clay or terracotta planter that can soak up the surplus moisture.

Water Requirements – Water your Spathiphyllum plant only when the soil is dry one inch below the surface. Never let the soil dry out completely. Water them with room-temperature water once or twice a week during the growing season and summers, and once every 2 weeks in the winters.

Food Requirements – Fertilize them monthly during spring and summer. Dilute a balanced, micronutrient-rich, houseplant fertilizer to half strength and feed it to your Spathiphyllum plant. No fertilization is required during late fall and winter.