Yucca Cane Plant

Yucca Cane

Yucca cane plant is a succulent plant. Yucca cane plants are loved for so many reasons; their sword-shaped leaves, their drought-tolerant nature, and their rewarding properties.

Yucca cane plants are a member of the Asparagaceae family and have 50 species. The plant can grow up to 30 feet tall. Thus, shearing is a must to keep the Yucca cane plant indoors.

You can trust your Yucca cane plant for removing toxins such as cigarette smoke, organic solvents, and radon from the air. Furthermore, the plant works wonders in healing scrapes and cuts. Yucca roots are natural anti-inflammatories. Yucca is used to make natural soap as well.

Yucca Cane low-maintenance indoor plant

Can you eat the Yucca plant? Absolutely. You can eat succulent flowers and fruit. Furthermore, Yucca roots are edible. However, the roots don’t taste as good as flowers and fruit.

How to care for the Yucca cane plant? Yucca cane plant care doesn’t require much effort. The plant has a slow growth rate — grows up to 30 cm each year. Thus, the plant is definitely value-for-money. The plant purifies the air and offers grace to your indoors.

Yucca Cane Plant Care

Light and Temperature Requirements – Yucca cane plant thrives on bright indirect light. If the plant is exposed to direct light, the leaves can turn yellow. Furthermore, Yucca cane can grow in lower light as well. However, the growth will be slow.

Soil Conditions – Yucca cane plants prefer sandy and dry soil. Furthermore, the plants thrive on alkaline soil. The plant cannot live on wet soil. If the plant gets too much moisture, a fungal disease called rot occurs which almost always ends in the death of the plant. Thus, if you want to grow your Yucca cane plant outdoors, you must improve the drainage by adding sand and gravel into the soil.

Water Requirements – We recommend watering your Yucca cane plant when the top 50% to 75% of the soil dries up. Water until the liquid pours out the drainage hole at the bottom of the pot. Furthermore, discard any excess water accumulated in the pot.

Food Requirements – Apply liquid fertilizer once every month during spring and summer. However, never give too much fertilizer which will cause fertilizer burn in the Yucca cane plant.