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Indoor Plant Displays

What’s not to love about indoor plants? They spruce up your home, bring in tons of fresh air, elevate your mood, banish your stress, and whatnot. Whether you’re a first-time indoor plant buyer or an indoor plant aficionado, you can draw inspiration from these 4 quirky ideas for indoor plant displays.

Tabletop Indoor Plant Displays

Serving trays and wooden boxes (think old toolboxes) are fantastic props for displaying your indoor plants on your tables. They look compact and can trap any excess water that oozes out of your pots.

Arrange your indoor plants at varying heights on your table by placing them on multi-tiered serving stands, wooden blocks, or even inverted planters.

If you own a glass-top table, set up a Devil’s Ivy or an Autumn Fern right underneath it for a splash of color.

Wooden Crate Plant Display Stand

Paint a few wooden crates, stack them at different levels, and nail them together for a DIY indoor plant display stand.

Jazz up your crate plant-stand with an assortment of plants including snake plants, prayer-plants, and Calatheas, both inside and on top of the crates.

Pro tip: Paint the inside back wall of your crate with a contrasting color for a vibrant look.

Birdcage Indoor Plant Displays

An upcycled old birdcage is the perfect way to add a bohemian twist to your indoor plant display.

Line your birdcage with some coconut fiber liner and plant a few annual flowers or hardy succulents in it. Hang this near your window or place them in a cozy corner in your home.

Vining plants like the Sweetheart Plant or Mini Monstera are good options to display in your birdcage as they create a gorgeous cascading effect.

Fireplace Indoor Plant Displays

Turn your non-functional fireplace into the cynosure of your home with a brilliant display of indoor plants.

Add some contemporary chic to your mantel with smaller plants like a Juniper bonsai, Peace Lily, or Aralia.

For a neat and symmetric look, place trees such as a Philodendron or a Parlor Palm on either side of your fireplace.