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Exterior Landscape Design

Whether you own a tiny 200 square feet front lawn or have an extensive one-acre garden, exterior landscape design can completely modify your property.

Transform the patch of green and you would never want to go indoors again. Few experiences are as sublime as dining and drinking on a Friday night, amidst other revelers, at a carefully manicured green space with hedges and bougainvillea around the edges.

Top exterior landscape design tips to beautify your beer garden

1. Decide the purpose

Do you want a flower garden or a velvety green lawn? Perhaps you would like a spot to grow fresh herbs for gourmet salads. Maybe you want to get bold and place a full-fledged vegetable garden upfront instead of hiding it at the rear of the restaurant.

Best landscape design ideas begin with deciding the why and how.

2. Make an appraisal

Several factors go into landscaping. How big is the garden? Which way does the wind blow? How does the sun strike it in spring and fall? Find which places are the best for sitting throughout the year and which are best given over to flora and foliage.

Not a straightforward decision and can take months if done by beginners. Landscaping Ideas for the front of the beer garden take time and plenty of thought

3. Plant what you love

Some plants are fashionable and others are lovable. We have a deep association with flowers from our childhood. Some remind us of happy times and others about long-lost loved ones. Many will shy away from lilies and gladioli because they are associated with funerals.

Roses are red but need a lot of work. Many might prefer low-maintenance landscaping ideas that don’t need them to slog every weekend. Decide carefully which plants and flowers you would like to grow through landscape gardening.

4. Investigate the climatic zone

Plants depend on the weather. If you live in continental weather with bitterly cold winters and warm summers, then you are better off cultivating daylilies, gladioli, and hibiscus. If you inhabit a humid subtropical zone, then marigold, peonies, petunia, and aster would be a wiser choice. No matter which type of plant you want, Plantscape LIVE is where you'll find it.

5. Be creative and ideate

With exterior landscape design, there is no limit to imagination. Some have massive front yards that are desultory. Others can make magic happen in a shoebox on a window sill. It is very akin to painting and you must be imaginative.

Who knows, your beer garden’s landscape may soon be as popular as your selection of lager.