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8 Ideas for a Successful Indoor Garden

Indoor gardening is a process where plants are planted and grown indoors. However, we know how hard and boring that can be. 

No one wants to see a small square devoted to plants in an indoor area. As property owners, you don’t want to spend extra time and money for something so dull.

So, what are your options? We’ll tell you 7 exciting indoor garden ideas in this guide. 

Spend the next 5 minutes to learn eight ways in which you can make indoor gardens fun, exciting and easy. 

Herb Garden in the Kitchen

For properties that serve food, an indoor herb garden in the kitchen is a great concept.

You can place different herbs like mint, basil, coriander and more in a tiny plantation near the window sill. This will ensure that they get plenty of sunlight and can be used in the food anytime. 

It’s a step towards the farm-to-table concept which will allow you to serve fresh and delicious food. And if you ever decide to give a kitchen tour, your diners will be thoroughly impressed with the concept. 

Create an Indoor Garden in the Common Seating Area

While having an indoor garden in the kitchen is classic, situating the garden in a common area can be fun and innovative. 

Common areas usually have larger windows. This means the space is best for growing plants that require more sunlight and aeration. 

You can play around with the kind and color of the foliage and create a sophisticated or cozy look. This will help elevate the interior, add some fresh air and color to the space. 

Jade Pothos is a great choice for such a garden. The heart-shaped green leaves sometimes variegated with white or yellow striations are ideal for creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

A Free Standing Indoor Garden

This concept is perfect for the property managers who want to give their clients, guests or employees some privacy, but with style. 

Create an indoor garden that acts as a privacy barrier without isolating people completely. 

You can install a Bio Frame which lets you incorporate different sections of the frame with greenery and accessories. Green screen partitions also do the job well. They provide privacy and eliminate the need for brick walls. You get aesthetics, greenery and practicality. 

A Vertical Indoor Garden

One of the most valuable things in commercial spaces is the actual space. You might not have the place to create an indoor garden area.

Why not use an existing, unused structure? Like, your wall. You can combine different colors, sizes, and textures of foliage in one wall to create a green wall.

Green walls are also really easy to install as they are available as rolls or panels which can be put on any wall with simple hardware.

It is an excellent choice for spaces like restaurants because the green walls act as noise absorbers giving the diners privacy. 

Ensure that the green wall is fire-retardant. 

Geometric Gardens Fused with Organic Designs

A mere green wall might not be up to everyone’s taste. While it is a great choice for offices and restaurants, an art gallery or a meeting space requires something classier. 

Green walls that incorporate complex geometry and organic designs to enhance the look of the foliage convert the walls into pieces of art.  

A Garden Wall Grid divides the greenery into segments to create a unique and novel look. 

Use Hedges Around Your Indoor Garden

If you are dedicating a large area to your indoor garden, incorporating hedges into the space is a great idea.

This is because the hedges can serve a dual function. In indoor office spaces, they can provide privacy while at the same time creating pathways to enter the garden.

The hedges can, thus, lead to a common area with complete privacy to both the sides of the offices. 

There are many types of hedges available. For a sophisticated look, you can go for all green foliage with a few blossoms. 

Rooftop Garden

A rooftop garden exemplifies fun. It is the perfect space to blend plants and foliage. 

You can place plants where they can receive the conditions conducive to their growth. Purchase high-quality foliage so that the varieties can blend well. 

Having a theme for a rooftop garden will separate it from other plants that you might have across the space. A tropical theme is a good choice.

You can find palm trees upto 40’ in size. This creates a perfect spot under the tree for people to relax in. 

Combine the plants with other tropical items like sand, shells, faux coconuts and create your tropical paradise.

It can be hard to grow plants indoors if you don’t have the right help or right skill. So, choose plants from a reliable provider who can tell you how to maintain them. If you want the fragrance of flowers and the clean air you can consult a professional agency to help you with installation and guide you through the process.