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Corporate Interior Greenery Design 15 Ideas

Research suggests that employees who work in a green environment fare better than others. They:

Maintain a level of well-being that is 15% higher

Are 6% more productive

Are 15% more creative

No wonder that more and more offices are exploring the concept of biophilia and moving on to make their offices greener. Introduction and a sustained increase of greenery in office interior design make the office look trendier, besides having a wealth of other advantages. 

Reason enough to take a look at 15 ideas for corporate interior greenery design.

What and How Many

Are you planning to fill up the room with plants, and tropical ones at that? 

Or you are keen to just add a few plants here and there to add on to a fairly-decorated room? 

Do you want plants that completely contrast your room’s color? 

Or a more contrasting shade fits the bill? 

Once you have the answers to these questions, the task of choosing the plants, and where to keep them becomes easier.

Fill Up the Empty Corners

Now, these are places where you can’t put much of any furniture. But keeping it empty doesn’t look good either. So, place a plant there. That fills up the void. The room would also come to life. Just remember to select the size of the plant in keeping with the dimensions of the vacant corner.

green plants

Consider Plant Walls

Plant walls are breathtaking. Use leafy and dense plants to decorate the bare walls in the reception area or even in the conference or meeting rooms of your office. Of course, the plant’s appearance should suit the surroundings and also the environmental conditions.

Consider Keeping Plants as Centerpieces

The centerpiece holds a pride of place in your office. It is eye-catching and can also make a trend statement – provided you use the suitable type of plant. Keep a leafy plant in the central reception area. Complement this arrangement with some flowering plants in other parts of the room.

Hang the Plants

This is a good way to make use of the overhead area. If your office floor space isn’t too large, then go for this option. This adds brightness to the interiors without eating up any ground space. But you would need to ensure that the height of the ceiling is suitable so that your visitors don’t bang their heads against the hanging pots.

Mix and Match

You might be a conformist to minimalist interiors. If your office space is sparsely furnished, putting in some large plants can be worthwhile. But do intersperse it with some smaller variants as well. The mixing would bring variety to the interiors and also not make it look cluttered.

corporate plants

Opt for Easy-to-maintain Plants

Hard-pressed for time? 

Then go for plants that won’t need hours of your time for maintenance. Some such non-finicky plants are snake plants, aloe vera, money trees, spider plants, etc. They will make for attractive corporate plants while eliminating the need for a complex maintenance regime.

Understand the Room Type

Which part of the office needs some greenery? And which part can do with some open space? Every room is different in terms of size, aesthetics, etc. So, you need to decide where to put in some greenery and which part to leave vacant. This will maximize the visual impact of the design.

Use Plants for Dividers

Keen on making cubicles for individual employees? Or, splitting a large open space into two? Well, you have better options than drab plastic dividers and cubicle walls. Plants as dividers would do the job of splitting the space. 

Use Leaf Décor

Small leaf décor pieces can come in handy for smaller spaces, like your office restroom. Usually, the walls of the restrooms are not colored. So, these décor items can add that shade of color and greenery to the restroom. And they cost very little.

corporate biophilic interior greenery

Go for a Terrace Garden

Not all offices have a terrace. But if yours has one, put some pods in there. Fill these pods with small trees and plants of various sizes. Enjoy the proximity of nature as you come out onto the terrace to take a break from work.

Go Maximalist

There are many who want to go all-out when it comes to office greenery. And you are most welcome to do so – provided your office interiors allow it. Fill the rooms with a variety of plants of different sizes. Go for different shades, colors, and vases. And set up a welcoming tropical jungle right in the office. but there’s a caveat. Go maximalist only when you have the wherewithal to maintain them in perfect condition.

Combine Pots and Vases

It’s not just about the plants. It’s also about the containers where you keep them. Color the containers, get multiple types (like vintage jars, old glass bottles, etc.), and go for different sizes. Group the vases as per their sizes. Or mix them when you arrange them. Either way, they will be eye-catching.

Create Plant Shelves

Bring the shelves, mantles, or ledges in your office to life. Install medium or small plants there, depending on the size of the surface. Give some interesting designs to the pots, and you have got a beautiful interior design for your corporate office.

Go Out-of-the-box

You can pair the plants with the sculptures, drawings, or other artifacts in your office. This creates a contemporary and diverse look that is sure to be an attention-grabber.

Well, that’s pretty exhaustive. You can go for one or a combination of these suggestions. But ensure that, at the end of the day, the greenery design should be aesthetic, and not overbearing. 

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