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live plants hotel lobby design

Most guests form their first impression of lodging by a cursory glance of its lobby. That is why it’s of paramount importance that the hotel lobby design syncs with the personality of the onlooker. It may seem impossible with generic designs. However, a hotel lobby designed with live plants would look aesthetic to almost everyone. Nature mesmerizes everyone!

Multiple variables influence the appeal of a hotel lobby. According to a paper called “Hotel Lobby Design Study of Parameters of Attraction” published in, “customers may be affected by lighting, color, textures, the quality of materials, the style of furnishings, and wall decor.” 

That being said, it was found that the majority of people respond positively to a physical environment that embraces nature. That is also why thematic lobbies, especially those contrived with plantscapes, are praised.

Here’s something for you to get inspired.

Potted plants garnishing your hotel lobby design

Tropicals are hoteliers’ favorite type of plants. Nothing apart from a sense of placement is needed to install potted plants in a hotel lobby. Potted plants can blend in flawlessly anywhere in the lobby, whether it is on the table or right behind the seating arena or between the couches.

Don’t miss out on the essence of real plants. Some mainstream potted indoor plants options to consider are Arboricola and Peperomia.  

Full live trees for lobbies that look like atriums 

Ancient Roman houses had atriums - open-roofed central seating areas or court. Inspired by this idea, innkeepers have structured their hotels in a manner that gives way to an open lobby or an atrium. 

For a lobby like this, full live trees like Pine from Norfolk Islands, Dracaena from Lisa Cane, or Dracaena from Arborea are outstanding pickings. 

Exotic enchanted forest hotel lobby design 

Incorporate ivy across the ceiling of your lobby to disguise it as an enchanted forest. The trail can run from one of the couches, covering the ceiling till the end of the last couch. Ficus from Repens or Ivy from Pothos Neon are fine choices to gift your lobby with an English ivy feel.

Plantscapes installed in a lobby designed in neutral colors are in vogue in the hotel industry. Go for live plant decor, tropicals and vines to strike a fantastic first impression.