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How to use trophy trees in home décor

A lot of deep-pocketed homeowners are exploring the new raging trophy trees to mark their social insignia. All up and ready to shell big bucks for a lush, structural décor without waiting for it to grow on site. 

To make a head start introducing indoor plants in office spaces or simply to mitigate a large-scale home, trophy trees are surely worth the hype. 

Before we move on with how to style these statement trees, let's note some key considerations about buying them. Approach it like you would've to buy a used car. 

Before you buy trophy trees as indoor plants, consider this:


Not all trophy trees are ideal for office indoor gardens, homes, or outdoors. So, make a list of trophy trees offered by different nurseries, and consider their flexibility, landscape, height, and style. This'll help understand if the tree is just for any commercial building or home space. 


Wherever you'd like to plant a trophy tree, first assess the space. Is it sufficient? It only makes more sense as moving or removing trees can be arduous. Also, planting the right tree at the right location will save tons of trouble in the future. 

For example, it's brainless to plant a crown trophy tree near big buildings. Not only will there be a lack of space, but also the tree will eventually stoop to take an asymmetrical form due to the constant shade. Again, resulting in haunting maintenance. 

Soil Conditions

Urban development has made the topsoil a mess across the globe, making it great for high-rise buildings but terrible for trees. So, before you buy trophy trees, make sure you do some research about the site, soil, roots, trunk, structure, and diversity.   

One other critical aspect is drainage. Always make sure the area has sufficient drainage. Poor drains and stagnant ponds will suffocate the tree roots and be a breeding ground for mosquitoes in due course. 

Trophy Tree Décor Ideas 

Trophy trees are no meeting room plants. You need to plan out the installation before you order them. Most of the offices waive up the space right from their construction period, with an idea to install something rich and posh. 

Place it at the center hub of the home/office 

A perfect idea of creating an indoor plants office environment is to have a central lawn or garden right in the middle of your office space. 

Look for Rick's Foxtail Noble Fir columnar trophy trees that simply work marvelously with any kind of décor or setting. They're great if you're looking for a vertical accent for any space.

A nice bluish-green shade, short and thick branches that surface from the center truck give it a tail-like appearance. 

Use trophy trees as flying pillars and indoor plants in office spaces

Create a little walkthrough around your office premise with trophy trees. 

Keep little visibility above them or cover it with transparent domes. This will give the trees ample sunlight to flourish and, at the same time, make way for a serene plod to the cabin. 

You can give a thought to green summer needles for this idea. The best part about them is that they start to turn gold by fall. So, by winter, the tree appears brilliant golden. Who doesn't love to watch trees turn their fascinating shades of green, orange, red, and yellow.

Use trophy trees as notice boards

When you have a large indoor tree at the center or an accessible corner of the house or office, you can use it as a creative notice board. Put up some happy notice about holidays, free canteen treats, birthday wishes, and others.

You can use the evergreen Autumn Moon Full Moon Maple trophy trees to create a vibe in this space. It has elegant, small leaves like a full moon maple with beautiful orange-red overlays on light yellow leaves.

Add some small office plants like succulents, nerve plants, arrowhead plants on the sidebars (if any) to make the space more lively and welcoming. Indoor office plants work exceptionally well with such ideas. 

Create a perfect living area

As you walk up the stairs, the giant trophy tree covers the sides falling onto the other side of the space, the living area. What better than experiencing nature in the comfort of home. 

Look up for canopied oaks, banyans, giant kapoks, or Ficus to energize the area with some lovely green and brown. You can also add some pothos, snake plants, and spider plants along as accompanying indoor plants in office spaces or home settings. 

Regardless of which idea appeals to you, ensure you obtain the required licenses, permissions, and insurances before installing a trophy tree. These statement trees have become a unique status symbol for the uber-rich, but it surely gives off certain cherished energy to any space.