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Interior Garden Ideas To Liven Up Your Workspace

Apart from the undeniable aesthetic value, plants, induce the well-being of the mind and body. An interior garden simply creates a breathable aura amidst the burst of green foliage, a perfect complement to any space!

While there are countless DIY projects to steer your imagination, let’s show you some fairly simple and fun interior garden ideas and the benefits of having them. 

Refresh interior gardens with sky planters

Sky planters make terrific additions to cluttered spaces (sounds like most desks!). They make optimal use of the usually overlooked ceilings and flip the plants upside down, dangling from the bottom of the pot.

Apart from being incredibly practical, sky planters work in the same sense as any conventional planter. It can also handle a variety of plants, like areca palm, peace lily, English Ivy, rubber plant, orchids, anthurium, geranium, and other low light indoor plants

These plants work unbelievably well to set up an indoor herb garden and accessorize all kinds of décor, home, and office. What’s more interesting about them is their health benefits like lowering stress levels, improving skin health, aiding digestion, and strengthening the immune system. 

Brighten up the space with a vertical interior garden

For daily hustlers, most part of the day is lost under the expensive artificial lights and air conditioning. Introducing vertical gardens adds the much-needed vibrancy, colors, and textures to these otherwise boring small cubicles.

The best part about vertical gardens is their ability to maximize a space gracefully. While the complexity of the interior garden may only be limited to imagination, it’s essential to note the growing conditions when picking the plants. 

Add a modern touch with wall planters

There’s no better way to accent a bland cozy workspace than stacking wall planters indoors. Wall planters lend an irresistible texture to boring corners with various leaves and subtle colors. 

For a space that needs some presence and drama, interior gardens work wonders. To wall planters, you can add bromeliads, golden pothos, ferns, and even succulents and ivies. Succulents make a good choice since they’re easy to maintain and help absorb respiratory waste.