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Restaurant Green Wall Design

If done right, restaurant walls designed with green ivy or vines can produce feelings of warmth and calm. Biophilic design is the new trend applauded by most restaurant owners. It aligns with the visual statement that millennials like to set on their Instagram handles. Besides, it makes people connect deeply to the natural environment.

Green walls not only look exquisite but also emanate a sense of organic lifestyle conveying usage of natural elements in your cuisine. Get pleasing indoor plants for the restaurant and transform its look for better.

Get inspired with these top 4 restaurant wall design ideas and be ready for a restaurant overhaul.

Vines in Textures - A Phenomenal Restaurant Wall Design

Vines or Ivy brings about the touch of a forest to a restaurant wall. Go for Ficus Repens or Ivy from Pothos Neon if you plan to redesign your restaurant wall using a biophilic interior design approach. Pick a wall that falls somewhere in the middle of your restaurant. Place a table for two right in front of it. And an instagrammable setting is ready.

A Full Green Wall Design

If the restaurant is located in an open space, a full green wall design will look charming under the sunlight. It need not be extremely elaborate. Plain full bush will also make a statement. Embellish it with small lights and let the drama of the shadows begin.

If a new restaurant is under construction, and you want to incorporate a full green wall, you can go for earthy textures and tones for the furniture.

Simplistic behind-the-glass greenery

Want to bring in some sophistication? Pick draping vines or leafy indoor plants, cover your restaurant wall with it nicely, and finish it with a glass case.

The simpler it is the better. From behind the glass case, the greenery reflected through the glass pane will be a soothing view for the guests to look at. Make sure you add the vines or leafy plants in perfect symmetry.

Vibrant Plants for your Restaurant Wall Design

Who doesn’t like some color? Amidst the green grapevines, add a pinch of vibrancy with plants like Ficus from Robusta or Philodendron from Autumn, or Anthurium Ruffles.

After every second ivy, a red-colored Anthurium leaf would look tasteful on your restaurant wall. Or, you could allow the leaves to mix and match on their own.

An elegant restaurant wall design would evoke feelings of tranquility, peace, and relaxation in your guests. Let the grapevines and leafy plants give your restaurant a savory ambiance.