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Science Of Biophilic Workspace Design

A stark and drab workplace. 

Falling productivity. 

Drooping employee morale. 

Increasing sick leaves. 

All of these are causes for concern to employers everywhere. And while there might be many remedies for them, one simple way is to introduce greenery in the office.

Modern office spaces are incorporating newer elements of interior design. And an abundance of greenery is one of them. 

Research proves the benefits of having plants in the office. Companies around the world are exploring the concept of biophilia while designing their office interiors. The interior plantscape business is on the upswing, as a result. 

Biophilia is not just about scattered plants in the office. It is about understanding the connection that humans have had with nature over the ages. It is about trying to ensure a connection with nature throughout the day. Nature ought to work as an asset, and not just a potted decorative item. It is about incorporating nature into a used space.

Interested to know more about the benefits of going green in the office? Read on.

Biophilic Spaces Heighten Your Concentration

Be it potted plants placed across the office or walls covered with greenery, plants have a salutary effect on employees’ concentration levels. More natural plants mean more oxygen. More oxygen means lesser mental fatigue. And this, in turn, allows employees to focus better on their work. 

Higher Productivity

A study conducted in the UK revealed that biophilia contributed to much higher levels of productivity among employees. The greenery around you makes you feel more relaxed and composed. It also protects you from the mental fatigue that comes with being in a glass and concrete jungle all day long. It brings a sense of well-being. And this ensures that you contribute more – and better – to your work.

Better Health and Immunity

Let’s travel back in time when the world was greener. An abundance of nature was not an oddity like today, but something by default. One of the many welcome effects of biophilia is stronger health and consequent immunity system. Regular contact with nature made sure that our ancestors enjoyed a much healthier life.

Today, sickness-related employee absences are a cause of much concern for employers. And poor indoor air quality is a key contributor to such illnesses. Certain types of plants like aloe vera, money plants, etc. pull out toxic stuff and other pollutants from the air to make the office a healthier place. Plants also maintain the water vapor levels in the office, thereby preventing dry air-related discomforts like throat and nose irritation.

Effective Stressbusters

As a concerned employer, you are duly worried about the rising stress levels of your employees owing to the pressures of multiple deadlines. But you are hard-pressed to find a solution.

You can turn to our biophilic connections again. Historically, plants and trees have had a soothing influence on people. Remember the ancient sages who used to turn to forests to meditate? That’s the amount of calming effect that nature can have on you.

The presence of plants in the workplace can significantly reduce elements like tension, anger, depression, etc. Also, the color green is symbolic of tranquility and relaxation. So, with greenery around in the office, expect your employees to be calmer and de-stressed and consequently, more productive.

Reduction in Noise Levels

The outcome of a study showed that plants are good acoustic absorbers. In a workplace, they can absorb a fair amount of the background office noise. Strategically placed large plants can do this job well. This adds to the already calming influence that plants create in the office.

Creativity Booster

Activating the creative cells in your employees is another benefit of having plants in the office. Vibrant and colorful plants can stimulate the senses, thus making you think – and sometimes, think differently. This can lead to a flow of ideas. And eventually, an out-of-the-box solution emerges to a problem that has been bugging all and sundry in the office for quite some time.

Reduction in Energy Usage

Did you know that a single tree can reduce a building’s temperature as much as several air-conditioners can do? That’s a revelation, isn’t it? Several plants in the office can significantly lower the temperature, thereby reducing the excessive dependence on air-conditioners. Larger indoor trees do a better job of it. You and your staff would stay healthier while also being eco-friendly.

Attracting Talent

This might come as a surprise, but it’s a fact. Both employers and employees are on the lookout for a more beneficial “each other.” Consider someone working in a drab and no-green office space. That person is looking for a job change and happens to end up in your office for an interview. And your office is designed with a nod to biophilia. Be sure that it would be one of the reasons for that candidate to consider joining your organization. A hospitable and green physical workspace does a lot to attract potential candidates.

Aesthetic Appeal

Your office space is resplendent with vibrant plants. The looks of the plants confirm that they are well taken care of. To your employees and potential clients visiting your office, this can create an impression that your company is a caring one. That it is adept in nurturing well. This can be a major reassuring factor for every stakeholder in your business.

Well, now that you are aware of the importance of interior plantscapes, don’t wait any further. Reach out to indoor plant maintenance companies who will help you to create that perfect biophilic design for your workplace.