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Stunning Courtyard Design Ideas

Palm trees evoke feelings of relaxation and peace; feelings that make you forget your worries for a while. Indoors, palm trees spread positivity. That is why indoor palm trees look elite and feel calming in an office courtyard design.

There are more than 2600 species of palm trees, and most of them thrive in bright but indirect light. At the right temperature and humidity, palm trees can survive for long in indoor settings.

But how to spruce up your courtyard design using indoor palm trees? Well, here you go.

Greenery all around with indoor palm trees

Corporate atmosphere can be improved twofold with the help of palm trees. Opt for Dracaena from Marginata Open Weave or Dracaena from Arborea to spread the greenery around. Indoor houseplants that are less bushy and long like palms need to be placed a bit away from the seating area. It will make the courtyard look spacious. 

Urban decor with indoor palm trees

The long curvy fronds of the palm trees and small bushy leaves of dwarf plants go hand-in-hand in an urban setting. Make your office courtyard look chic with palm tree landscaping. 

Nature, in its essence, is more rural. But aesthetics say that one can indulge in both urban and rural by adding low light indoor plants to an urban setting. Create a green office with a palm tree standing tall against the seating area. Complete the look with a wall hanging on the other side. 

Palm trees for minimalistic decor 

Provide a focal point with an indoor palm tree to your office courtyard. Pick a shiny, deep green Kentia palm tree or Dracaena from Marginata Tarzan to give a minimalistic look to the courtyard. Place these indoor plants in two corners diagonally for a clutter-free courtyard design. 

Additionally, you can incorporate Anthurium from Ruffles amidst the palm trees to provide some color to the design. With a minimalistic decor of indoor palm trees, your office courtyard will attain an intriguing aura which would further make it more appealing to your clients as well as employees. 

Well, wait no more and create a timeless aura with captivating palm tree decor.