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welcome plants

Don’t build a workspace cluttered with inanimate objects. Instead, walk into one filled with vitality, one that welcomes you with greenery. Building a creative workspace is more than stacking one brick on top of the other. Create a space that uplifts your employees, clients, and you. There is no better way to accomplish this than via lush and green welcome plants.

How Welcome Plants Enhance Your Work-Life

They offer immense aesthetic appeal and spruce up your place. You can pick the plants based on what you want your workplace to signify. A minimalist setup is enhanced by small succulents and an extravagant workplace can be adorned with tall plants. Select pots that go with your indoor decorations or make your own pots. The scope of aesthetics with plans is very broad, but the advantages of having welcome plants go beyond the aesthetics.

Welcome Plants and Mental Health

Nothing makes your office workers feel better than the realization that they are amidst the living. Having something to take care of gives us all a reason to wake up. Plants have a calming effect. They serve as a reminder for us to take breaks and nourish ourselves too. Go ahead, add some to every office crucible, cabin, and a meeting room.

Your plants often reflect your mental wellness. If they’re lush and green, that means you have had the time and space to take care of life. If they’re withering that means you have failed to do so. This means that you haven’t been able to take care of yourself and by extension your plants. Treat it as a sign to re-evaluate.

Welcome Plants Flush Out the Toxins from Your Work-Life

Plants like the Areca Palm and the ZZ Plant (Zamioculcas Zamiifolia) serve as great welcome plants. They can remove airborne toxins from your workplace. They convert harmful toxins like Toluene and Xylene from the air that surrounds you and release oxygen for you to breathe in.

Nothing compares to walking into an office space that has been touched by nature. The presence of life in a stagnant space enhances your mood and creativity and reduces stress and fatigue.