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    Why Are Plants Important

    We inhabit an artificial world with little to enthuse our senses. A little greenery, an anthurium here, and a jade plant there, work wonders.

    As life gets more stressful, many are turning to plants for green therapy.

    Why are plants important?

    There is nothing more charming than a fresh green frond of an areca palm in the corner of an office or a lovely bloom of African violets brightening up the living room.

    Importance of plants can never be overestimated. Not for d├ęcor alone, but reducing stress hormones and making us feel a little more relaxed and in touch with nature.

    The 5 biggest benefits of plants at your home

    1. Humans were not meant to inhabit glass and steel cages. We were born on the verdant plains of Africa. Foliage green is soothing and delightful to the inner being. Plants gently caress our senses and make us joyful. A potted plant on the desk can significantly reduce pounding heartbeat as the deadline gets closer.

    2. Planting greens is the easiest way to make living and working spaces look elegant and relaxing. Most species are easy to grow and maintain. They are quite affordable too. Not only can you buy exotic plants for a few dollars, but grow one from a cutting taken from a friend.

    3. Indoor plants are the best air purifiers. They can clean the air and provide fresh oxygen. Pollution is on the rise. Infants develop asthma a few weeks after birth. Everyone has a right to pure, fresh air for breathing. A few indoor plants can offer you several lungfuls of clean, uncontaminated air every night when you sleep.

    4. One of the many benefits of plants is that they stave off respiratory problems. Plants give off water through transpiration. The excess water they absorb from the soil evaporates from the leaf surface. This raises the humidity and prevents a dry and scratchy throat. No more colds and headaches once a few houseplants that don't need sunlight are introduced into the living space.

    5. Many have neither the inclination nor the energy for putting on overalls and becoming full-fledged weekend gardeners. No need to give up on the dream, either. Tending to the little green shoots of a hydrangea, admiring the colors of succulents, and trimming a ponytail palm from Plantscape is an excellent hobby that costs little and offers much.