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Hawaiian Indoor Plants That Make for the Perfect Centrepiece for Your Space

Your workspace is a place where you deal with stress and workload. Here, if the office space is dull, it can make things even worse. You might be a fan of having modern, contemporary or minimalist décor to revamp your office, or might have one, how good it is without some exotic tropical indoor plants in it?

If you think about indoor tropical plants, they bring in colour and exotic flair to your space. These plants can have eye-popping flowers as well as unusually patterned or variegated leaves making them even more unique. Therefore, if you are looking for some tropical or Hawaiian plants for your office space but a   not sure where to start, we’re here to help. Here’s a list of them for you to choose from.

Amazonian Elephant’s Ear

The common but striking and almost royal is the Amazonian Elephant’s Ear. Silver ribs can be seen on the large, arrow-shaped green leaves. Compared to the majority of Alocasia species, they are significantly easier to cultivate inside and offer beautiful seasonal foliage displays. They prefer rich, quickly draining potting soil, and regular feeding is necessary. This plant is native to Southeast Asia.

It is sure to make a stunning centrepiece for your office party or seasonal décor. Moreover, this plant requires light shade or filtered sun leaving you out of that worry. Regarding plant watering, just ensure that it is moist and the roots are not wet – and watch it thrive.

Bird of Paradise

One of the most tropical flowers in the world, the Bird of Paradise has huge, eye-catching blossoms that some people claim have the appearance of a bird's head and beak. They are surprisingly simple to cultivate indoors as well. Although it is a robust, quickly growing indoor plant, it needs to be nourished every week and kept in a pot. And, it is one of the most beloved tall indoor plants too usually reaching a height of 4 feet, Bird of Paradise needs 3 to 5 years to reach flowering.

Available in the regal colours of blue and orange, just remember that this plant needs bright sunlight to grow with some direct sun. Keep it moist and watch it make for a stunning centrepiece.


Anyone who has visited Hawaii will tell you that cordyline is almost always associated with the tropics. With the right care, these striking foliage plants may add a striking accent. They come in a variety of leaf colours. It is also referred to as the Hawaiian Ti tree or the Ti tree. A warm, draft-free site, rich, well-drained high-quality potting soil with a pH of 6 to 6.5, and weekly fertilization are required for cordyline.

Cordylines demand bright but indirect sunlight to grow. And, they also need to be kept moist continually except for the winters. You can find them in a variety of colours such as red, yellow, green, purple, white and purplish-red.


Of all tropical indoor potted plants, bromeliads are most likely the simplest to grow. These tropical epiphytes (air plants) are significantly more tolerant than many of their lush-leaved counterparts and are easily acclimated to growing in pots. They have a diverse range of hues and textures. Fast-draining potting soil with sand and a peat base can be used to grow bromeliads. Additionally, bromeliads can be grown affixed to logs or boards and hung on walls.

Give it bright and indirect sunlight by just watering weekly. And, avoid standing water. You can get this plant in stunning colour varieties - Red, green, purple, orange, yellow, banded, stripes, spots or other combinations.


There are climbing kinds and self-heading (non-climbing) varieties of philodendrons for indoor use. There are more recent hybrids that combine the strength and ease of climbing kinds with the practicality of self-heading varieties. More than ever, it is simple to grow them. Also, they are pretty easy to propagate too.

And, if you wish to keep them as a centrepiece, remember that they need medium and indirect sunlight to thrive.

Peace Lily

Peace lilies are beautiful, especially when in bloom and present in large groups. The blossoms on this plant persist for months and it is simple to grow and maintain. Even though it can be difficult to overwater them, the work is still well worth it. Keep the temperature above 40 degrees Fahrenheit and keep out of the sun.

Peace lilies need medium to indirect sunlight making them perfect for an indoor centrepiece setting for your office. Make sure that it is evenly moist, frequently misted in summers and reduced watering in the winter. And not to forget, they come in stunning shades of white – well just white and creamy white but equally amazing.


The most diverse plant species are orchids, which may be found in deserts, forests, and tropical forests all over the world. However, most people prefer tropical and subtropical temperatures where they can grow. An orchid in bloom is the epitome of a tropical plant. Avoid draughts, dry air, direct heat, and sunlight. Provide a warm, humid environment as an alternative.

Further, orchids need bright indirect light and watering usually once per week. Remember to allow drying between waterings and do not overwater. Rest, if you want to be away from the worry of taking care of them, hiring an orchid plant rental for the centrepiece can be the best option. Not only this, they come in a wide variety of colours – white, pink, purple, red, yellow, orange and more.

We hope that this will help you pick the best Hawaiian indoor plants. These stunning plants will make for the perfect centre of attraction that you want. In case you want them for a brief period, you can always choose to have plant rental services from us. Also, if you are worried about plant care, plant watering, and plant maintenance part, Plantscape Live is the one. Let’s make it happen for you.