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Live Plants Are the Biggest Trend in Restaurant Interior Design

Just like the world of interior design trends, the restaurant industry is ever-changing. But one thing that stays evergreen is the incorporation of live plants into interior design. You will find an increasing number of restaurants bringing live plants into the interior design, and why not? Plants make a space more pleasant, more attractive, healthier, and boost the well-being of guests. Urbanization, interior design trends, and the broad desire to spend time in greener spaces are driving the trend to become more popular than ever before. 

Live Plants and Beautification

The most obvious reason live plants are being featured in restaurants is the simple beauty that they bring to a scene. With their refreshing green color, soothing vibes, and incredible variety between species, it’s clear why live plants are so sought after. Plant and flower arrangements on each table not only add to the beauty of the atmosphere, but they make people happier and evoke an organic emotional response. They infuse the space with a romantic quality and create an environment that is both inspirational and uplifting. 

Live Plants and Healthier Environment

Introducing plants in a room improves the air quality and reduces airborne dust levels, helping patrons breathe better air. They are also known to reduce stress and are associated with positive emotional functioning and improved concentration. In restaurants, these are particularly important as you want your customers to not only enjoy good food but also great ambiance. Including green walls, plants and flowers improve the overall dining experience, and that means returning customers. 

Live Plants and Sense of Place

Adding local plants and flowers to a restaurant interior design reflects local ecology and creates a distinct sense of place. It adds to the overall appeal of the setting and feels warm and authentic. The presence of local flora in the restaurant interior design creates a more comfortable feeling in the setting and helps the restaurant to seamlessly integrate into the neighborhood. 

Live Plants and Instagram-worthy Interiors

Customers posting on social media about the restaurant is free advertising. Green design elements contribute a lot towards creating Instagram-worthy interior spaces and can boost your marketing efforts. Stunning flower arrangements, unique plants, custom green walls, etc., are great for creating visual interest and work brilliantly on social media, giving you free publicity. 

Live Plants equal Better Mood

Every restaurant wants its customers to be in a great mood when they are dining in. Empirical studies have shown that live plants provide powerful emotional restoration, with fewer instances of tension, anger, and fatigue. If your customers make happy memories in your restaurant, that means they will return and potentially even recommend your business to family and friends.