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    10 Low-Maintenance Office Plants Ideas

    Plants in offices can work miracles. They require minimal space, act as decor items and also have practical benefits. 

    A study showed that plants in workspace can reduce stress in employees significantly. They can also increase productivity by 15% and increase well being by 15%. 

    You also don’t have to put in too much work into your plants. Here are 10 Low-Maintenance Office Plants Ideas. 

    Jade Pothos For the Cozy Look

    The waxy, heart-shaped, brilliant green leaves make dull, inanimate spaces cozy and warm. You can hang it in baskets and ledges to liven-up any office area.

    Why we recommend Jade Pothos for offices is because it can tolerate a variety of light conditions. Grow lights, bright, indirect light to low light.

    The plant can even tolerate an irregular watering schedule. The growth may slow down in unfavorable conditions but it is almost impossible to kill the plant. 

    The plant also eliminates pollutants such as benzene, toluene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, and xylene from the air. 

    Milky Way Cast Iron Plant For a New Touch

    Maintain the sophisticated, professional look with dark green foliage but with a beautiful twist. The rare variant of the cast iron plant bears small white or yellowish spots on its leaves resembling the Milky Way galaxy. Hence, the name. 

    The plant is very easy to maintain. Any kind of soil with good drainage can be used for potting the plant.

    You don’t have to water the plant regularly either. Just enough to keep the soil slightly moist. 

    This plant also grows very slowly. Hence, you only have to re-pot the plant once every two to three years. 

    Sparkling Sarah Aglaonema For Color and Variety

    Commonly known as the Chinese Evergreen plant, Sparkling Sarah is one of the easiest plants to care for. 

    The green foliage with shades of yellow and pink brings color and variety to a room. 

    Offices generally have low-light levels which is why this plant is perfect. You can put it in any location except the places which get full sun. Artificial fluorescent lighting is also conducive to its growth. 

    It can grow up to 8 inches to 4 feet in height making it an incredibly versatile piece of decor. 

    Dracaena Lemon Lime For a Professional Space

    If you’re going for the polished, professional look, Dracaena is your pick. The neon yellow and green striped leaves bring a touch of color without standing out too much.

    With regular pruning it can be a tabletop plant on your reception. However, it can also grow up to 5 - 7 feet tall making the perfect accompaniment for seating areas. 

    These plants can survive bright, indirect sunlight to low light conditions. They only need watering when the soil feels dry to touch.

    You need to fertilize the plant once a month in summers and not at all in winters. This is as easy as it can get. 

    Aglaonema Mary Ann For a Simple Yet Elegant Look

    No doubt, the most elegant and easiest Chinese Evergreen variety for your office.

    The lush foliage with green variegation exemplifies ‘simple, yet beautiful.’

    The plant can tolerate moderate to low light levels, perfect for offices.

    These plants require moist soil. Hence, you are at a lower risk of overwatering. If the plant is in a low-light area, you have to water it less often. In winters, don’t water them at all.

    Variegated Arboricola For the Outdoors

    The plant has a dense and thick foliage. The leaves are long and oval-shaped and almost each leaf transitions from green to yellow in color.

    The glossy leaves droop away from site, hence, it is known as the Umbrella Plant or Octopus Plant.

    A great choice for offices as these plants are believed to attract positive energy and wealth into the spaces they occupy.

    You can place it in the outdoor, smoking area of the office as they clear the toxins released by cigarettes.

    These plants require high temperatures and partial sunlight. However, they can also adapt to darker environments.

    Brasil Pole As a Decorative Plant

    Maintain the sleek look of your office with the thick, oval, yellowish-green leaves of the Brasil Pole.

    You can plant them as a vining plant or pot them.

    These plants are perfect for offices. They are resilient and can live up to 20 years.

    Ficus Plant - An Easy to Maintain Ornamental 

    There is a reason this plant has become known for its ornamental values. The evergreen plant has a beautiful foliage of green streaked with shades of red.

    All you need to do is feed and water it occasionally. In return, you get cleaner air and aesthetic appeal.

    Place it near a south or west-facing window so that the plant can get bright indirect sunlight. If that’s possible, use a grow light.

    Neanthe Bella Palm For the Beach Feel

    An office with low-light conditions? Grow the Neanthe Bella Palm or popularly known as Parlor Palm.

    The palm is an excellent item for indoor decor. It presents a stark contrast to the inanimate furniture and a stressful work environment. This is because its long, pointed leaves remind people of the beach.

    This plant can thrive in low-light conditions making it perfect for office rooms.

    You need to water the plant only once in 10 days.

    Calathea Rosea-Picta - A Stunning, Exotic Plant 

    The exotic plant is also known as the Rose painted calathea. It’s stunning foliage catches eyes in mere seconds.

    The tropical looking leaves have shades of purple on their underside creating a pleasant contrast with their green tops. The leaves are also patterned.

    Keep it in the reception area so that everyone can enjoy the beauty.

    This plant is great for offices which allows pets as it is non toxic to cats and dogs.