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10 Medium Light Plants And Where To Put Them

Medium-light plants are easy to care for. A perfect fit for your home.

Case 1: You get a plant which requires bright light. But then there is the worry of winter months and cloudy days. If the light is bright, it might not be direct or it might be too much. It is very hard to find balance, and hence, the growth is hindered.

Case 2: You get a low-light plant. You never know where to put it. They need light but not a lot of it. Too much sunlight can cause sunburn however too little can hinder growth.

We’ll introduce you to 10 plants that require medium light. This means that bright or moderate, indirect light is good, making it very easy to find a space for them. 

Elephant ears for your cafes (Colocasia, Alocasia, and Xanthosoma)

These tropical perennial plants are famous for their big, heart-shaped leaves. They are perfect for cafes and restaurants as their leaves are edible. You can prepare a new dish by cooking the leaves. Apart from that, the foliage makes the place look cozy and warm.


These plants can also bloom. They bear big, beautiful, and fragrant white, yellow, or light green spathe. 

You can place it right outside your property under the extended roof. Get the lighter variety as they thrive in partial shade. If you have a small pond, place them on the edge. They grow very well in a few inches of standing water. 

Red Aglaonema for schools and colleges

A truly captivating and awe-inspiring plant. The bright pink and green plant is a favorite across the world. This is because its beauty comes at very little cost. These plants are very easy to take care of and yet infuse the place with life.

It can tolerate low light but for the leaves to gain beautiful shades of red, grow it in medium light conditions. 

Cast Iron Plant for large offices

Cast iron plants are perfect for large offices where no one has the time to constantly look after plants. 

The plant requires minimal care and at the same time brings vivacity to a dull, inanimate workspace with its glossy green leaves. So, if you’re looking for a professional backdrop, you have met your match.

You can place the cast iron plant near the doors of your office, windows, vents. Any shady area will do. 

There are also many varieties of this plant available to enhance the decor. Like the milky way cast iron plant is a subtle beauty with white spots on its dark green leaves.

Ivy Plant (Hedera) for big and small properties 

A great fit for a big or small commercial space. The plant will creep up the fences of and the walls of your property giving it a rounded and complete look. You don’t have to find a place for individual potted plants.

ivy plant

There are many varieties available. The most common one is the English ivy (Hedera helix). The ivy generally has heart-shaped leaves. But depending on your choice, you can pick other varieties like the Arrowhead whose leaves resemble arrow points.

Put this plant in a spot where it gets bright, indirect sunlight, or medium light. Think about a spot where you wouldn’t necessarily need to turn the light on if you’re not spending a long duration. 

African violet (Saintpaulia) for your office desks

One of the more common medium light indoor plants. It’s always a gamble with the African violet. 

It might bloom beautifully with a cluster of flowers in shades ranging from pink to purple. Or it might not bloom at all. But that’s okay because the leaves are a treat to look at. The glossy, thick, fuzzy leaves form a captivating rosette.

This plant is ideal for placing on desks. On receptions, work desks, in the corners of common areas where they can receive medium light. They immediately brighten up such spaces. 

Dracaena gold star for busy spaces

This subtropical, evergreen plant is renowned for its ornamental foliage. They almost look like palms. 

We recommend this plant for busy places as this plant can even thrive in neglect. 

Stick to the low-light spectrum with this plant. If you can’t find medium light, that’s okay. Just don’t let it get too bright. 

Peace lilies (Spathiphyllum) for the corners of your property 

Popularly known as closet plants, peace lilies are one of the easiest indoor plants to take care of. 

With their lush green foliage amidst which beautiful white flowers bloom, peace lilies immediately brighten up a living space.

Peace Lily Plant Spathiphyllum

These plants will bloom well in medium light conditions and less in low light conditions. Corners of the room, beside windows, is the best spot for these plants. They bring an air of peace with the soothing combination of green and white casually overlooking the place from their corners. 

Prayer Plant (Maranta) for office rooms

Commonly known as the prayer plant, these plants droop at night as if in prayer.

Another great fit for offices. The green foliage with pink veins sets up an excellent ambiance for a professional look. 

These plants can tolerate bright, indirect sunlight and thrive in medium light.

Get creative with Air Plants

The most fun plant from the lot. These plants are the way to channel your creativity. 

They are very low maintenance because as the name suggests, they soak up almost everything they need from air.

You can put them on stands, vivariums, and even use them in fridge magnets. You can also hang them in glasses.

Chinese Evergreen for a simple and sophisticated look

You may know it as the Silver Bay Aglaonema. What we love about the Chinese evergreen plant is its foliage. 

Thick light green stems that hold up long leaves with pointed ends. The leaves are patterned with two shades of green forming half-circles on each side from the bottom to the top.

A great fit for pretty much any commercial space. You can put it in an organic cafe, an office. Just ensure that it gets at least a little bit of light and ideally, medium light.