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15 Easy to Grow Plants That Thrive in Terrariums

Terrariums, a world of their own, are a thing of wonder. Enclosed in glass containers, terrariums are ideal for any green space.

Yes, they are a little hard to grow. But if you choose the right live plants, your terrarium can be your mini greenhouse. Read on to find out 15 easy to grow plants that thrive in terrariums. Also, find out common care tips.

Dracena Colorama

The intense red spikes of this hardy plant would make any green space stand out. They need moderate sunlight. And they do well without a lot of watering. 

Warm weather suits them best, but they can withstand cold weather to some extent. You also need to fertilize them only once a month during spring and summer. No need to fertilize them during the winters.

Pencil Cactus

This stunning succulent is the ideal plant for an easy to grow terrarium. Its shades of yellow, pink and orange are best brought out in a sunny, warm space. 

In winters, water once every month, otherwise water every two weeks. Make sure the soil in your terrarium is slightly gritty for best results. You will need to fertilize it only once a year.

Bird’s Nest Fern

This air purifying plant, with ripple-edged fronds, is ideal for terrariums. They only need weekly watering and monthly fertilization. You can use peat moss and potting soil for best results. 

Best part is that the more sunlight it gets, the more crinkled the leaf edges are. Less sunlight, flat leaves. Quite versatile!

Dracaena Dragon Green Jewel

These are the perfect indoor plants to add some height and depth to your terrarium. Characterized by slow growth, long life and low maintenance requirement, this plant can do well in warm weather as well as cold.

You will need to water this plant fairly infrequently. That too only when the soil feels dry to the touch. 

Glauca Plant

If you were looking for a plant with lush foliage and maximum cover, the Glauca Plant is ideal. It also does not warrant a lot of maintenance. This air-purifying plant can be the perfect addition to your terrarium.

Watermelon Peperomia Plant

Another stunning addition to any terrarium. The Watermelon Peperomia is called so because of its leaves that resemble the streaks of a watermelon.

The silver and green stripes bring out the best of any green space, especially terrariums. It does not need much light or water to thrive.

Ficus Repens

A charming little creeping plant, the Ficus Repens is characterized by tiny heart shaped leaves and a vibrant green. Inside a terrarium, these live plants can be used instead of moss for a thicker undergrowth.

This air purifying plant only needs occasional watering and a warm environment. Apart from this, all you need to get a lively canopy for your terrarium is well-drained soil and some liquid fertilizer used sparingly.

Prayer Plant

The perfect plant for a closed terrarium that receives indirect sunlight. The red veined leaves of the plant are the perfect color pop to bring some relief to an otherwise all green area.

Keep it away from direct sunlight and make sure that the soil remains evenly moist for the best results.

Chinese Evergreen, Maria

The multitude of colors in a Chinese Evergreen, Maria is sure to enhance any terrarium’s appeal. Easy to care for and slow-growing, this plant is able to withstand low to medium sunlight.

You will only need to fertilize it twice a year. Isn’t that perfect for a low maintenance, easy to grow terrarium?

Neanthe Bella Palm

Almost all palms are great additions for large terrariums. The Neanthe Bella Palm can grow upto 6 feet tall, but in terrariums it's said to grow to about 2 to 3 feet. 

Ideal size, lush foliage and air purifying! What else do you need in the perfect plant? Initial couple of weeks require daily watering. Keep away from direct sunlight and you will have a happy plant on your hands.

Kentia Palm

Tall and majestic, the Kentia Palm is a slow growing plant. With careful pruning, you can keep the height of the plant within the limits of your terrarium.

These do well in dappled sunlight, but can also withstand some shade. Apart from that, a warm space and weekly watering will ensure this air-purifying plant thrives in any environment.

Sansevieria Laurentii

Probably the easiest plant to grow, the snake plant or the Sansevieria Laurentii can thrive in low to high light. It does not need a lot of sunlight or watering. 

Just plant it and watch it grow its gorgeous glossy, fleshy leaves of yellow, white and green.

Dracaena Janet Craig Jade Jewel

The stunning combination of silver and dark green is what makes this plant such a showstopper. The perfect addition to terrariums that intend to play with depth and texture.

It does not need frequent watering and does well in low light as well as bright but filtered sunlight. This air purifying plant can grow tall with regular pruning.

ZZ Plant

The Zamioculcas Zamiifolia is one of the most attractive plants for your terrarium. It grows well indoors as well as outdoors. 

The leaves are fleshy and have a waxy coating that makes the little leaves look glossy. They do well in low light and do not need frequent watering.

Black Coral Sansevieria

A type of snake plant, the Black Coral Sansevieria is also an easy to grow plant. Apart from looking beautiful, these plants purify the air as well.

They require filtered light and watering every two weeks. The soil should also be well drained, similar to the soil used for cacti.

General Care Tips For Terrariums

For best results, try to use plants that have the same sort of water and light requirements in your terrarium.

Use sterile soil to avoid mold or pest infestation

Make sure to put the plants far apart enough to allow plenty of growing room

Prune stems and roots regularly for best results.

So, go ahead and pick out the best easy to grow plants for your terrarium.